BMW adds new e-variants to its portfolio

The fully electric BMW i5 sedan and BMW iX2 SUV Coupé will each be available with an additional drive system variant from March 2024. The drive system offerings for the BMW X2 and BMW XM have also been expanded.

New features in the area of digital services will also be introduced in spring 2024. These include easier use of the voice assistant Siri (as part of integrating the Apple iPhone into cars specified with BMW Operating System 9) and the optimized display of ratings for charging stations for fully electric and plug-in hybrid BMW models. The steady expansion of the range of functions for the My BMW App also continues.

BMW i5 XDrive40

The new BMW 5 Series Berline will add a third fully electric variant in March 2024. The new BMW i5 xDrive40 Berline (electric power consumption, combined: 20.0 – 17.2 kWh/100 km in the WLTP cycle) has two highly integrated electric drive units at the front and rear axle.

Together, they develop a system output of up to 290 kW/394 hp and peak torque of 590 Nm. Underpinned by the resultant electric all-wheel drive, the BMW i5 xDrive40 Berline accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 5,4 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 215 kph.

The battery delivers 81,2 kWh of usable energy. The car’s Combined Charging Unit enables AC charging at 11 kW as standard and 22 kW as an option. It also allows DC charging at fast-charging stations at up to 205 kW. According to WLTP standards, the new BMW i5 xDrive40 Berline range is 463 to 538 kilometers.

BMW iX2 eDrive20…

A new entry-level variant of the fully electric BMW iX2 will be sold in March 2024. The new BMW iX2 eDrive20 (electric power consumption, combined: 16,9 – 15,3 kWh/100 km in the WLTP cycle) takes an economical route.

Powered by a 150 kW/204 hp electric motor at the front axle, it sprints from 0 to 100 kph in 8,6 seconds and posts a range of 439 – 478 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. Its top speed is limited to 170 kph.

The high-voltage battery delivers 64,8 kWh of usable energy and can be charged from AC sources at 11 kW as standard and up to 22 kW as an option. DC charging is possible at up to 130 kW.



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