Peugeot to offer extended guarantee for new e-3008

Confident in the quality of its products, Peugeot offers customers of the new e-3008 ‘Peugeot Allure Care'”, a program that guarantees peace of mind by covering the electric motor, charger, powertrain, and the main electrical and mechanical components for up to 8 years/160 000 km.

At the second E-Lion Day, the Stellantis daughter also promised to have Chat GPT implemented and to put customer needs and concerns high on its priority list. It is also committed to placing education at the core of its strategy through collaboration with the UK charity Born Free.

Peugeot Allure Care

The press release states that Peugeot Allure Care “contributes to accelerating the adoption of the latest generation of Peugeot electric cars, thus offering customers the peace of mind they need to make the switch.”

Peugeot Allure Care is an addition to Peugeot’s specific warranty offered on all its electric vehicle batteries. It also lasts 8 years/160,000km and covers the entire vehicle. In time, it will probably be extended to all pure electric vehicles of the brand.

Launched in major European markets, Peugeot is the first European brand to offer such extensive coverage on one of its models. The Allure Care coverage is automatically activated for 2 years or 25 000 km after each maintenance service carried out within the Peugeot network.

Phil York, Marketing and Communication Director at Peugeot: “We believe that Peugeot Allure Care will accelerate the adoption of the latest generation of 100% electric Peugeot vehicles by offering customers the peace of mind they need to take the step. This exceptional breadth of coverage is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products.”

Chat GPT

Peugeot also offers ChatGPT technology across its entire range of passenger and commercial vehicles on 5 pilot markets before a wider roll-out starting in the second half of 2024. It is integrated into the i-Cockpit and becomes, through the ‘OK Peugeot’ voice assistant, a partner capable of answering countless questions and requests on any type of subject.

“The generative artificial intelligence can provide answers to specific questions, for example, suggesting landmarks to visit in a city, presenting them, and guiding in coordination with the navigation system, but it can also enliven the journey by interacting with occupants, giving free rein to their creativity.”

Circular economy

Another pillar of the E-Lion project is creating a complete ecosystem. The Stellantis Group is developing a Circular Economy business based on the ‘4 Rs’: Remanufacture, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle.

To ensure the recycling of end-of-life vehicles in Europe, Stellantis has created Sustainera Valorauto, a joint venture with Galloo, a European leader in recycling.

Another joint venture specifically dedicated to the recycling of electric car batteries in Europe and North America has been concluded by Stellantis with Orano, a global leader in recycling. It will use Orano’s innovative low-carbon technology that allows for a significant recovery rate of materials from lithium-ion batteries.


A first partnership under the e-Lion umbrella was set up in spring 2023 with the French scientific and educational association ‘Under the Pole’, one of whose missions is to raise awareness among the new generation about the major challenges of ocean preservation.

PEUGEOT Boxer vehicles have been made available to transport their equipment during upcoming expeditions and tow the Under the Pole educational caravan across France for its ocean awareness actions with the general public and in schools.

Today, PEUGEOT is announcing a second partnership for 2024 with the UK charity ‘Born Free’, which works to protect wild species and wild places by engaging, educating, and empowering local communities to co-exist with wild animals in Kenya and other countries around the world.

Will Travers, co-founder of Born Free, said: “The growing human population can lead to increased conflict with wildlife, for example, lions attacking livestock. But with Peugeot’s support and commitment, Born Free is deploying effective, innovative strategies such as predator-proof fences, or Bomas, to protect people and cattle, to conserve natural resources, protect wildlife, and safeguard local people, helping keep everyone safe.”

Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, concluded: “Today, more than ever, a brand like Peugeot must contribute to a more responsible and sustainable world for future generations. We are on our way to achieving our Carbon Net Zero objective, but there are different ways of getting there. I am convinced that education is one of the keys to a more sustainable world, and that’s why we want to make our contribution. “


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