UGent appoints American expert chair holder to improve bicycle traffic

The University of Ghent has appointed Meredith Glaser as an academic expert for more and safer bicycle traffic. Glaser is an internationally respected academic with approximately 15 years of experience in spatial planning, transport, and mobility. She will further specialize in everything related to cycling.

Meredith Glaser is originally from the Californian coast but has lived in the Netherlands for several years. She is currently affiliated with the University of Amsterdam (UvA), where she is an expert in sustainable mobility. On February 1st, 2024, the American expert will start at Ghent University as chair holder of the new Bicycle Chair.

Positive evolution

The Bicycle Chair will start within the Geography department of the Faculty of Science at Ghent University and run for three years. Possible themes for discussion are bicycle safety, influencing bicycle behavior and use, and developing smart technology to make cycling more comfortable and safer.

Cycling is more popular than ever in Flanders, and there was never any more investment in cycling infrastructure. To further support this positive evolution with scientific research, the new chair will be launched at Ghent University, with financial and substantive support from the Flemish government.

Many actors involved

Dr. Meredith Glaser will take on a role in various course units at Ghent University and work closely with the many actors involved in the Flemish cycling policy. “By working with universities, governments, industry, practitioners, and students, we can facilitate a positive feedback loop between science and practice and generate new knowledge that directly improves critical decisions that impact citizens and the sustainability of their communities,” Glaser concludes.


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