Tricera: Yamaha’s idea of a three-wheel open-top electric ‘autocycle’

It’s not a car, and it isn’t a motorbike, nor a trike; it is what Yamaha calls an electric three-wheel ‘autocycle,’ a development concept to offer “Exciting Urban Mobility when one’s body and mind and the machine become an organic whole”.

In a promo video, Yamaha has a young urban mother and her son drive the Tricera through Paris’s (empty?) streets on a sunny day. Nice gismo filmed before a green screen, obviously, but for those who want to see it live, the AIMExpo Dealer Trade Show from February 6 to 8th, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the place to be. Before it was shown at the Japan Motor Show 2023.

Like Polaris Slingshot

The concept of an ‘autocycle’ isn’t that new, as the Tricera shares it with the Polaris Slingshot, an ICE three-wheeled motorcycle or autocycle built in 2014 by the American automotive manufacturer headquartered in Medina, Minnesota. The most affordable one, the Slingshot S, retails at $21,999 and has a 1,995 cc engine delivering 178 hp@8,500 RPM.

The American-made Polaris Slingshot S retails at $21,999 but is an ICE three-wheel motorcycle with a 1,995 cc engine /Polaris

This Japanese motorcycle giant Yamaha concept is entirely electric, but the specs are anybody’s guess. Even at the Japan Motor Show, Yamaha didn’t reveal specific details on the drivetrain or batteries it should use if it would ever materialize as a production model. But as it is still waiting on Yamaha’s first fully electric production motorcycles, that might never happen.

Anyway, the concept of an open-air, silent autocycle to cruise the city’s streets sounds appealing. We know the three-wheel steering system should make steering a piece of cake, as the rear wheel matches how the front two wheels turn.

Manual mode for ‘Kando’ experience

But the user is also able to select a manual mode for rear-wheel steering, which should be a different kind of feeling and, according to Yamaha, enable the driver to “acquire and develop new driving skills”.

As Yamaha explains that would be the authentic Japanese ‘Kando’ driving experience. ‘Kando’ is a Japanese word for the “simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement we experience when encountering something of exceptional value”.

“Modern mobility is shifting toward automated driving, but that is precisely why Yamaha Motor is going back to basics and exploring the Kando that is created when a person is at the controls,” the motorcycle manufacturer says.





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