Volvo Trucks launches first electric-only FM city truck

Volvo Trucks has introduced its first electric truck not directly based on a combustion model: the FM Low Entry. Designed for city use, it features a lowered cab moved forward for better visibility and easier ingress and egress. Production starts in the second quarter of 2024.

The Volvo FM Low Entry is related to the heavy-duty FM Electric. It uses the advantages of an all-electric drivetrain by positioning the cab lower and more forward, giving the driver better visibility. The truck has received a five-star rating in London’s Direct Vision Standard.

The low and forward-facing cab gives the Volvo Trucks FM Low Entry excellent visibility for the driver /Volvo Trucks

Visibility as a priority

On the inside, the driver sits as far forward as possible, with the option of adding up to three passenger seats behind them to avoid blocking the view. The easy ingress and egress make it a suitable candidate for distribution work, where the driver has to get in and out frequently.

Up to 200-km range

The FM Low Entry is mainly meant for city usage. It features a 360 kWh battery pack, offering a 200 km range. 250 kW DC fast-charging or up to 43 kW AC charging is available for an overnight top-up. Power comes from a 330 kW (449 hp) motor.

The easy ingress and egress make the Volvo Trucks FM Low Entry suited for urban distribution work /Volvo Trucks

Customers can choose between various configurations, with 4X2, 6X2, 6X4, 8X2, and 8X4 axle options available, with a 3,900 to 6,000 mm wheelbase. There’s also a sleeper or extended/high sleeper cab, while the gross vehicle weight (GVW) varies from 19 to 32 tons.

Made in Belgium?

The Volvo Trucks FM Low Entry will be available to order from the first quarter of 2024 and start production in the second quarter of 2024. Volvo doesn’t mention where it will be produced. Still, the Belgian factory in Ghent is likely (where the FH, FM, and FMX Electric are already being built), as the model will initially be sold in Europe, Turkey, and South Korea.


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