Nissan’s next gen Interstar van goes fully electric

On Wednesday, Nissan introduced its next generation of the Interstar, its largest van for the first time available with a 100% electric powertrain, “without compromising performance”, as the manufacturer claims. An 87 kWh battery should provide a range of 460 kilometers, and it can charge 252 km in just 30 minutes on a DC charger.

This electric one can cope with a payload of 1.6 tons and has a towing capacity of 2,500 kg, just like the diesel versions, compared to a 2-ton payload for the ICE versions. Although the Interstar-e’s total weight exceeds four tons, it’s allowed to be driven with a category B driver’s license, as the weight of the battery may be deducted.

Extra room for loads

Nissan says this generation of the Interstar is 10 cm longer and boasts a 40 mm wider side door and a 100 mm longer load area, giving customers that critical extra room to pack in more of their goods and services.

With 10 cm extra length and a wider sliding door, loading capacity is increased /Nissan

As the 4-ton Interstar-e with a payload of 1.6 tons can be driven across Europe with a regular driving license, Nissan claims it allows users access to a payload that is even larger than that of more common 3.5-ton diesel vans.

Heated windshield and seats

A revamped interior was designed with the driver and passengers front of mind. Durable seat covers and a heated windshield and seats provide extra comfort and support to drivers during extended periods behind the wheel.

The Nissan Interstar is targeted primarily for inner-city driving, offering a range of 460 km with the largest battery or a 200 km range with a 40kWh pack. The latter should be enough in most urban applications.

Regular AC charging from 10-100% should be possible in under four hours. Compared to older versions, the van has an improved turning diameter of -1.5 meters, making it easier to navigate tricky urban streets.

Standard ADAS

The Interstar will be equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including Forward Emergency Braking, Drowsiness Warning, and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Trailer Sway Assist is new for this generation, helping stabilize a ‘swaying’ trailer when needed.

Braking should become even safer, as Nissan’s 1-box braking system continually optimizes braking power regardless of the vehicle’s weight. Additionally, the company says Interstar’s reaction timing for emergency braking is halved over previous generation models.

Nissan will offer a range of factory-built conversions, including Tipper, Dropside, and Box Van, and a standard warranty of five years or 160,000 kilometers and eight years or 160,000 kilometers for the Interstar-e battery.



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