Electric Abarth 600e is most powerful Abarth ever

Abarth unveils the first picture of the pure electric New Abarth 600e as it undergoes its final tests while making its public debut. The New Abarth 600e – in its Scorpionissima launch edition – appeared for the first time in public last Thursday at the shooting of a new commercial in Milan, Italy.

The new Abarth 600e is designed to perform with an electromotor developing 176 kW/240 hp, an exclusive mechanical limited-slip differential, and high-performance tires developed in Formula E.

For Enthusiasts

With its most powerful car ever, Abarth wants to attract car enthusiasts of all kinds, despite the car being electric. “Ready, exciting, muscular, and aggressive, its first picture instantly reveals the ‘evil’ essence of the Abarth 600e Scorpionissima launch version,” says the press release.

The Scorpionissima will be produced in a limited edition of 1,949 units, recalling the founding date of Abarth, which is celebrating its 75th birthday in 2024.

The new Abarth model has three main features: a design for maximum performance, a car structure to make it the most powerful Abarth ever, and a competitive spirit to attract motor enthusiasts.

“Thanks to its loaded equipment, the New Abarth 600e will be able to thrill motorheads, allowing them to drive safely without giving up on the nasty and muscular look of their car,” boasts Abarth.

Limited-slip differential

With 240 hp on the front wheels, Abarth claims the 600e Scorpionissima is fiercely competitive and powerful. There has never been a more powerful Abarth. Therefore, to be unique in the field of electric cars, the Abarth 600e will feature a mechanical limited-slip differential that guarantees excellent driving stability, improved handling, and traction.

“The exceptional performance of the limited-slip differential takes the car to new heights, especially when combined with its high-performance tires, which were jointly developed with the supplier for Formula E to ensure maximum grip and guarantee excellent racing dynamics in all kinds of conditions,” explains Abarth.

Balancing performance and limited resistance attained a harmonious equilibrium, ensuring an improved range in an electric vehicle,” the press release adds when talking about the rubber mounted.

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

The exterior clearly shows this is an Abarth. It highlights its aggressiveness, and the aerodynamic rear spoiler is designed to maximize performance. It also features a large footprint, expansive wheels, a low profile, and 20-inch wheels designed to accommodate an extensive brake system.

The New Abarth 600e Scorpionissima will also come with an authenticity certificate. The company claims that Abarth’s goal ‘to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary’ is the most challenging project developed in recent years.

“The new jewel in Abarth’s house is a combination of knowledge, tradition, innovation, and performance coming from different expertise and partnerships,” the official message concludes.


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