Audi will build drive systems for small BEVs in Hungary

Audi has started preparations at its plant in Györ, Hungary, to produce the new generation of electric drives called MEBeco for the Volkswagen Group’s small electric cars announced in 2025.

According to Audi Hungaria, the first systems for this have arrived, and the planning of the production lines is underway. Audi had already confirmed in June 2022 that the drives for the MEBeco would come from Györ and announced that a new production area would be set up for the production of motors for small electric cars.

Electromotor specialist

Audi Hungaria has provided some details about the production: the vertical range of manufacture has been increased, which also requires ‘new competencies’. For example, the disc pack for the MEBeco is being mass-produced within the company for the first time (and not sourced as a supplier component, as was previously the case). The same applies to the rotors and power electronics manufactured directly in Györ.

VW’s daughter Audi has produced electric motors at the Hungarian plant since mid-2018, initially for the first electric Audi, the e-tron quattro built in Brussels (now called the Q8 e-tron after the face-lift). Production has since expanded.

Since November 2023, the electric motors for the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) (to be found first in the Porsche Macan and the Audi Q6 e-tron) have also been built in series in Györ. Around 700 employees produce up to 2,000 PPE motors daily on 15,000 square meters.

Since last year, the electric drives for the PPE-based Porsche Macan and Audi Q6 e-tron have been produced in Györ /Audi

First PPE, now MEBeco

“Just a few months ago, we successfully launched series production of our PPE electric platform drives and have already started preparing for the next generation of electric drives, the MEBeco,” says Robert Buttenhauser, Board Member for Engine Production at Audi Hungaria.

“This also shows the intensity of our company’s transformation. We are constantly preparing our staff for the production of the new engine range, which will require new activities and competencies.”

The MEBeco is the final name for the base drive that used to be called MEB Entry or MEB Small. It is the starting point for series models like the VW ID.1/ID.2, the offshoot of Cupra, which will presumably be called Raval, and the corresponding small electric car from Skoda.

The electric motors for these vehicles will come from Hungary, but the vehicle production will be based in Spain. The ID.2 and Cupra will arrive from the Seat plant in Martorell, while the small VW SUV (normally called the ID.2 X) and its Skoda counterpart will be manufactured in Pamplona.


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