Electric Ypsilon is the first new Lancia

On Wednesday, the revived Lancia brand launched its first car of the new era, a successor to the current Ypsilon that will be available as a pure electric car or (somewhat later) as a hybrid. It starts with a limited series of 1,906 cars (the founding date of Lancia) designed in collaboration with the famous furniture design house Cassina.

In another article, we chatted with the new Lancia boss, Luca Napolitano, about the brand; here, we will focus on the car. The new Ypsilon is the successor of the current Ypsilon, which was still sold in Italy and had a record sales year in 2023, being third in the sales ranking behind the Fiat Panda and the Dacia Sandero.

Nose and tail job

When one looks at the car, it is obvious that it is a sister car of the Fiat 600e, Peugeot 208, or Opel Corsa. These sister brands are within the same Stellantis Group. They obviously share the same e-CMP2 platform.

But Lancia did a very good nose and tail job to make the car look classier. After all, Lancia’s new profile will be that of an elegant, comfortable, and style-oriented premium brand.

The nose has a futuristic design, with hints of the Lancia concept car Pu+Ra HPE; the rear lights directly reference the iconic Lancia Stratos and its racing heritage. The compact car aims at the smaller B-segment, where it wants to offer a premium experience.

Shared technology

As we already mentioned, the Ypsilon shares a platform with other Stellantis cars in the same segment and a lot of drive technology with them. The electric version has the same electromotor as the recently revamped Peugeot e-208, delivering 115 kW/156 hp to the front wheels and 260 Nm of torque.

The battery pack takes 51 kWh, with a WLTP energy consumption of 14.3 to 14.6 kWh per 100 km; this gives a maximum range of 403 km. Fast charging is possible, but at which level is not disclosed. Lancia only says one can charge 20 to 80% at a DC charger in 24 minutes.

With its 4.08 m in length and weight of  1,584 kg, the small 5-door hatchback sits in the middle of the already mentioned B-segment. Somewhat later, there will be a hybrid version with a 100 hp 1.2 three-cylinder from the group aided by a 28 hp electromotor. There are also talks about a sporty 240 hp electric version in 2025 that will share all technical details with the recently presented Abarth 600e.

Living room

In its brand relaunch, Lancia emphasizes that its clients must feel at home in their cars. The new Lancia city car embodies this by S.A.L.A. or Sound Air Light Augmentation, an infotainment system that combines audio, climate control, and lighting functions. Sala also means living room in Italian.

The car is launched in a limited edition version of 1,906 units called Edizione Limitata Cassina. All Ypsilons will have a high level of equipment for their class, even offering Level 2 autonomous driving and many other amenities and driving aids.

Available soon

The car has been launched now in Italy and will be delivered in May. The first countries where the new Ypsilon will be available outside Italy are Belium and the Netherlands, with test cars available in the 16 showrooms (10 in Belgium, 6 in the Netherlands) in May and first deliveries in the summer.

Till the end of February, there’s a special personal leasing offer for a down payment of €9,800, 35 monthly installments of €200, and a remainder of €22,854 if you want to buy the car after three years. This brings the total price of the new Ypsilon up to ± €37,500.

The Ypsilon will be the last Lancia still available with an internal combustion engine. The second and third models to complete the range by 2028 will be fully electric. The second will probably be an SUV, and the third a sedan. It’s unknown whether iconic names like Delta or Thema will also return.


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