Brussels Airport to install additional 65,000 m2 of solar panels

Brussels Airport has started installing additional solar panels on the roofs of the newest Brucargo buildings, the cargo zone of Zaventem’s airport. The extra panels will cover a surface of 65,000 square meters or roughly the equivalent of nine soccer fields.

They must double the share of solar energy in the airport operator’s own energy consumption to nine percent and generate 7,300 MWh of electricity, or enough to supply about 2,100 households with (green) energy.


Brussels Airport will use half of the power the solar panels will produce from June; the other half will be bought by partnering companies active in the cargo zone. This way, they, too, will have the opportunity to use solar energy generated in the cargo zone.

Brussels Airport no longer wants to emit CO2 from its own activities – buildings and infrastructure – by 2030. In the coming years, the airport operator intends to heat the terminal buildings and the cargo zone CO2-free with new central heating systems. The company is also analyzing where more solar panels can be installed.

Brussels Airport has been CO2-neutral in terms of its own emissions as an airport operator since 2018. Any remaining emissions are compensated by supporting green projects elsewhere.


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