BMW confronted with its own ‘dieselgate’?

The German Traffic Authority KBA (Kraftfahrt Bundesamt) has discovered that the emissions of toxic gases by some BMW diesel cars have been manipulated by illegal software.

According to BMW, 33,000 X3 cars from 2014 or earlier are probably concerned in Germany alone; estimates for the EU are 100,000 to 150,000 in total. BMW says it doesn’t know how many of these cars are still on the road, and that’s also because the KBA has only released data for the German market.

Full cooperation

Meanwhile, the BMW Group has committed to full cooperation with the German authorities to clear out the case. According to the KBA, BMW has proposed a series of measures, including hardware and software updates, to solve the problem.

It is unknown whether the question will have further consequences for the manufacturer. No jurisdictional action has yet been announced, but that could follow later.


The scandal that shook the entire car world in 2015 was named ‘dieselgate’. In September of that year, the VW Group admitted having installed fraud software in its diesel cars to manipulate the official emission tests and obtain far better results than in real driving circumstances.

So far, the group has been paying more than 33 billion euros in fines and compensations, due to the scandal, mostly in the United States. Several court actions against the company and some of its managers are ongoing, almost nine years after the scandal.

At the time, it became clear that many car manufacturers, including premium brands like BMW and Mercedes, used similar software for the same purposes. Several jurisdictional fines and indemnities have already been paid by the manufacturers concerned in the aftermath; others are still pending.

It is unknown yet what consequences the new findings and revelations will have for the BMW Group. An official reaction from the company is still due at the moment.


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