Microlino Lite premiere: 45 km per hour and from age 16

At the Geneva Motor Show, Swiss-Italian electric micro-carmaker Microlino unveiled the ‘Lite’ or L6e version of the Microlina L7e, which is the fully electric lightweight quadricycle. This one has a limited maximum speed of 45 km/hour, half of its older brother, with a basic range of approximately 100 km that can be extended up to 180 km.

In Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal, Greece, and Norway, you can drive it with a moped AM license from the age of 16. Germany, Sweden, Spain, and Austria allow it from 15 years old; in Italy and France, it can be from age 14. Prices in Belgium will start at €17,990 with deliveries from the summer of 2024 onward. In Flanders, you can get a €5,000 EV premium to ease the pain.

In two colors

It is basically the same microcar, with the same interior, open vinyl roof, and 230-liter trunk behind the two-seater bench, coming in two colors: Venice Blue or Berlin Antracite. To make it eligible for youngsters without a regular car diver’s license in Belgium, the motor’s power has to be limited to 4 kW (5,3 hp) instead of the 12.5 kW (16 hp) of the L7e version.

And the weight (without driver) shouldn’t exceed 350 kg instead of 600 kg. How Micro Mobility Systems managed to stay under these limits is unclear yet without detailed specs. But the obvious choice would be a smaller and lighter battery pack than the 6 kWh battery of the basic L7e, which weighs still more than 400 kg.

Range of 100 km?

Still, the manufacturer promises ranges from 100 to 180 km, as the motor is limited in power and the speed restricted to 45 km per hour, which pushes down energy consumption. Driving its older brother on Belgian roads, we consumed 10.36 kWh per 100 km, while Microlino advertises 10.5 kWh.

These range figures for the Microlino Lite are in optimal ‘lab’ conditions, as the full-fledged Microlino with a 6 kWh battery has a 72 km actual range in daily city use in summer and 54 km in winter. There are beefier L7e versions with up to 14 kWh battery for a theoretical range of 230 km, 184 km in real-life conditions in summer, and 138 km in winter.

Kickscooter family

The Microlino was invented by the Swiss company Micro Mobility and the family behind the Micro Kickscooter, Wim, Oliver, and Merlin Ouboter. It all started with a simple question, the Ouboters say: “How much car do you really need for your daily commute?”

Coming from a completely different sector, they could not understand why most cars today are too big and heavy for their purpose. On average, a vehicle is occupied by just one or two people, traveling a daily distance of only 30 km. But what would the ideal car for urban mobility look like?

Presented in Geneva in 2016

Design and technical specifications were worked out with help from the Swiss university ZHAW; a prototype was developed in China in mid-2015 to present at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. But it took some time to start building it in mass finally.

Micro Mobility Systems started production of its Microlino last June 2023 at its Italian factory in Turin. A factory set up as Microlino Italia, a company established as a partnership between Micro and CECOMP, an Italian industrial group specializing in building prototypes. They also will produce the Lite version.


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