Cadillac Lyriq EV starts selling in Europe (update)

After Swiss and Swedish customers had already the opportunity to order a Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV online in October, GM’s luxury brand will launch the car in France on the 23rd of March. Deliveries will begin in the first half of 2024. Germany and the UK are following a little bit later.

After years of losses, General Motors left the European market in 2017, selling its German daughter Opel to PSA (now Stellantis). In the following years, it will reestablish a foothold in Europe, starting in Zurich, Switzerland, where its former European headquarters were located.

“Today, General Motors is joining Europe’s electrification journey by launching our all-electric, direct-to-consumer Cadillac business in Switzerland with plans to expand to five additional markets in Europe over the next couple of years, with Sweden and France next,” said Jaclyn McQuaid, President and Managing Director, General Motors Europe, in October of last year.

The Lyriq is a strong and proud presence; it will be noticed when it passes,” she adds now at a press conference in Paris. “Cadillac wants to capitalize on its image of American luxury and comfort. And while it measures around five meters, it handles well and might seduce people looking for a smaller car. We also adapted the suspension to European tastes.”

Online and flagship stores

By the end of the decade, a complete offer of electric Cadillacs will be deployed in Europe again. The distribution and selling will occur via its websites and flagship stores. The first of these has been opened at the Bahnhofstrasse 75, in the center of Zurich and named Cadillac City.

“Spanning 600 m2, Cadillac City will be a destination for people to immerse themselves in the world of Cadillac, experience the Lyriq, test-drive, and customize their vehicle. In the future, this experience center will be where people can come together to discover and explore Cadillac’s extended portfolio of EVs,” explained McQuaid.

‘Cadillac City’, the brand’s first new flagship store, has opened in Zurich, Switzerland /Cadillac Europe

On the other hand, Cadillac introduces a new digital buying experience that delivers an extraordinary customer experience at every touchpoint. From configuration to purchase, customers can complete the entire purchase online, including selecting trims, securing finance, managing title and registration, and scheduling delivery.

Lyriq first

The first Cadillac to be sold is the all-electric Lyriq SUV, featuring a 12-module, 102 kWh Ultium battery pack and two Ultium drive units that will deliver a GM-estimated 530 km of range on a full charge and 388 kW/528 hp of power with 610 Nm of maximum torque.

As mentioned, the imposing SUV with a clear Cadillac design signature (designed by French car designer Magalie Debellis) is just over five meters long. It sits on a wheelbase of 3.09 meters. It weighs almost 2.8 tons and can tow 1.6 tons. The minimum trunk space is 793 liters, which will be augmented to 1,722 liters with the rear seats folded.

The Lyriq will be available in Luxury and Sport version at an estimated price of ± €85,000 (in Sweden, it is now offered for 916,000 crowns or ± €82,000). The cars will be produced in Cadillac’s Spring Hill factory in Tennessee.

Later, there will be other GM models coming to the old continent. CEO Mary Barra assured last month that the production of electric cars would increase soon and would also increase the opportunity to import them into Europe (where GM will only sell electric vehicles).

“We won’t be selling just the Lyriq on its own for a long time,” adds McQuaid. Until now, the Lyriq has been sold 10,000 times in the US, and some 5,000 units have already found a buyer in China, where this first fully electric Cadillac will also be built.


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