Stellantis will supply up to 500,000 cars to Ayvens by 2026

Ayvens, the result of the merger between ALD Automotive and Leaseplan, has concluded a framework agreement with Stellantis to purchase up to half a million vehicles by 2026. The deal with Ayvens includes several Stellantis brands and cars with different drives, including electric.

First significant delivery volumes are expected to begin in the first half of 2024 and continue throughout the year, according to the car manufacturer’s press release. Ayvens could add up to 500,000 Stellantis vehicles to its European leasing fleet by 2026.

Specific order quantities and delivery dates beyond the volume already planned for 2024 can be flexibly agreed between the two companies, taking into account fleet requirements and demand.

Wide choice

“Stellantis vehicles will cover a wide range of iconic brands, vehicle classes, and powertrain types to support the gradual transition of Ayvens’ customer base toward more sustainable mobility,” the press release states. The partners leave the share of electric vehicles unspecified, but with the focus on sustainable mobility, their share is likely to increase with the individual orders from the framework agreement.

Ayvens will have access to models from brands like Alfa Romeo, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Opel, Peugeot, and Vauxhall. The orders will also cover all vehicle classes, from city cars to SUVs and vans. The vans are aimed at professional providers of passenger transport and can also be ordered in electric versions.

The new electric Peugeot 3008 could become a popular model in this mega-deal /Stellantis

Important deals

Ayvens was created in 2023 with the acquisition of LeasePlan by ALD Automotive, one of the world’s leading fleet management and mobility companies. According to the founding companies, Ayvens is a multi-brand and multi-channel vehicle leasing provider that primarily targets business and private customers and SMEs.

For Stellantis, this is the second important deal in just a few weeks. In mid-January, the Group signed a framework agreement with the German car hire company Sixt. This gives Sixt access to up to 250,000 Stellantis brand vehicles, including electric cars. As with the Ayvens deal, no specific electric share was mentioned for Sixt.

It is noticeable that neither party wants to be pinned on figures about electrified or electric vehicles in the deal. Recent events at Hertz and other lease companies boasting about the dramatic increase of their electric fleet have made them very cautious about the sector’s electrification predictions.

Owners become users

“This commercial partnership will allow us to work closely together with Stellantis to ensure more competitive pricing for our clients and perfectly illustrates our capacity to leverage our new scale and buying power to achieve better value and synergies for all of our stakeholders,” explains Tim Albertsen, CEO of Ayvens.

“The mobility industry is structurally a high-growth market which is underpinned by clients’ shifting from ownership to ‘usership’, their requirement for full-service leasing solutions, their need for visibility over their costs, and their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint,” he adds.

“With our renowned and electrified brands, we offer a vehicle tailored to meet every need, budget, and lifestyle,” says Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. “This collaboration empowers current and prospective Stellantis brand customers to experience our latest innovations first-hand, from advanced propulsion to seamless connectivity and unparalleled comfort.”

OK for ICE phase-out in 2035

The boss of the Stellantis Group, in earlier statements a cool lover of fast and complete electrification, has recently declared to the German newspaper Handelsblatt that he supports the phase-out of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by 2035.

“But we must be pragmatic about realizing the target,” he adds. “In the current situation, where everybody is very busy to build up the necessary economies of scale, we need the (financial) support of the authorities.”

Tavares added that he would stick to his electrification scheme even when Trump gets reelected in November. “If citizens choose another direction and recommendations are altered, we will still pursue our aim to reduce emissions drastically,” Tavares claims. Stellantis wants to be CO2-neutral as a company by 2038.


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