TU Delft’s hydrogen car team wants to set world record on public roads

This year, the hydrogen car builders at the technical university TU Delft want to set a new world record on public roads. They earlier set records, but in a different category. This time, they intend to build a car that must meet all requirements to be allowed on public roads.

The Eco-Runner Team, as the students call themselves, has set world records before. Last year, they covered a 2,488.50 km distance in Germany without refueling. However, the car they used to break that record, the Eco-Runner XIII was not made for public roads.

Eco-Runner XIV

Now, they want to build a car that meets all the safety standards of a modern car. With this vehicle – the Eco-Runner XIV – they aim to cover a distance of 2,056 kilometers along the Frisian cities of the Eleven Cities Tour on less than one and a half kilos of hydrogen.

The team of 25 students presented the vehicle design on Wednesday. The car should be ready to be shown to the public on May 8th. It must also pass a series of tests before it can hit the road in Friesland.


Why did they opt for the Eleven Cities Tour? The ‘Elfstedentocht’, as the Dutch call it, is an almost 200-kilometer-long skating tour on natural ice and takes participants past eleven cities in Friesland. The first Tour was held in 1909, the most recent in 1997. ” The Tour can only be organized if the ice condition allows it.

“The Tour has not been organized for 27 years due to global warming,” the students explain. They want to emphasize the urgent need for “alternative and environmentally friendly fuels”. Hydrogen can be produced in a clean way, using water and sustainably generated electricity. As a fuel, it generates no CO2 emissions or air pollution.


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