Dacia CEO confirms Sandero to get fully electric successor

After this exact point was speculated last summer, Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot confirmed to Automotive News Europe at the Geneva Motor Show that the Sandero, the current best-seller of the brand, will get an electric successor by 2027 or 2028.

Dacia currently only has the heavily updated Spring in terms of electric offerings, but the low-cost brand is expanding its electrification. The Jogger and the new Duster are available with hybrid powertrains, and it seems the next generation of Dacias will become electric.

Best-seller turns electric

Denis Le Vot, Dacia’s CEO, has confirmed that the Sandero will get an electric successor in 2027 or 2028 when the current model leaves the market. The Sandero is Dacia’s best-selling product and was the second-most popular car in Europe in 2023, so this electric successor has high expectations.

Luckily, the Renault Group will have some experience electrifying small cars by then. The Sandero EV is expected to be based on an adapted version of the AmpR Small platform, which underpins the just-announced Renault 5 E-Tech and the upcoming Renault 4 E-Tech compact SUV. It will, however, be accompanied by a combustion-powered variant until 2035, when the EU imposes its ban on new combustion engine-powered cars.

Thanks to a massive reduction in costs, Renault aims to offer affordable new vehicles for the future, like this Twingo EV for less than €20 000 /Renault

Will the Spring remain?

A cheap, electric Renault Twingo E-Tech is also expected by 2026, with a price of less than €20,000. It would make sense that the Sandero borrows the same cost-cutting and efficiency measures taken to keep the price down and the range up for this new Twingo.

However, the question does pose itself if the Dacia Spring will still have a future when this new Sandero EV comes to market, likely with more features for a similar price.


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