Ford E-Transit gets up to 32% more range

Ford has updated the full-size E-Transit in the US, boosting the range by 26 to 32 percent thanks to a new 89 kWh battery. The electric van also gets 49 percent faster charging while the price only increases slightly for the American market. A European launch has not yet been announced.

The 2022 E-Transit was Ford’s first foray into the electric van market, launching not only the product but also the full Ford Pro suite of services designed to create a one-stop shop for professional customers. The E-Transit itself was, for its time, quite competitive, with a 68 kWh battery and a 317 km range (WLTP). But now, competitors have raised the bar, so Ford had to catch up.

Up to 400 km range?

The 2024 Ford E-Transit gets a new 89 kWh (usable) battery, boosting its range by 26 percent for the low-roof models or 32 percent for the high-roof E-Transit. In the US, that means a range of up to 159 miles (256 km) with the harsher EPA ratings, but in Europe, a range of up to 399 km (WLTP) should be possible.

The 2024 Ford E-Transit also gets up to 176 kW fast-charging, which improves charging speed by up to 49 percent /Ford

The E-Transit also gets improved charging, from 115 kW to 176 kW, which makes it charge up to 49 percent faster than the old model. The powertrain remains unchanged, with the same 266 hp and 430 Nm electric motor on the rear axle.

America First

The order books for the 2024 Ford E-Transit will open in the US in the spring, with deliveries scheduled for later this year. Prices start at $51,059, a $1,100 increase from the previous model – no word yet on a European launch for this improved E-Transit.


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