Nio integrates GTP’s AI in Nomi voice assistant

Like other car brands, such as Skoda and DS, Nio is integrating artificial intelligence into its cars. Nio’s voice assistant, Nomi, recently received a GPT update. GPT stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer, a form of artificial intelligence.

We first ‘met’ Nio in the Nio ET7 sedan we drove in May 2023. Nomi is the little robot head sitting right in the middle on top of the dashboard. It blinks its digital eyes and turns its head to you when you address it with “Hi, Nomi !”.

Over-the-air updates

It uses four microphones in the car for sound localization to turn to the one speaking. The AI-powered assistant can turn on the music, open windows, or program the navigation system for you by asking it (in English for now). Thanks to the GPT update, Nomi can answer even more difficult questions and provide specific information about the car.

For example, you can ask Nomi how to adjust the exterior mirrors, and that information will be displayed on the screen. It should provide a more personalized experience with AI.

As of March 26th, Nio started rolling out the new feature via over-the-air updates. The update will be available for Nio’s European range later this month. The feature will initially only be rolled out in English, German, and Norwegian. Nio says that Dutch and other languages ​​will follow soon.


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