rnlt©: Renault’s new downtown distribution concept

Renault enhances its distribution network with a new concept point-of-sale format called ‘rnlt©’, a name that reflects this new type of distribution: modern, compact, and condensed.

These new stores will provide visitors with a comprehensive experience of the Renault brand and its products.

Immersive experience in a compact universe

As a showcase for the brand, rnlt© concept stores will be placed in hyper downtown and large shopping centers. Their prime location, which is as close as possible to urban consumers, guarantees optimal accessibility and maximum visibility, allowing these potential customers to discover the latest Renault models and innovations.

“In this compact space, with its smaller dimensions than classic Renault showrooms, every detail has been meticulously thought out to offer a total immersion into the Renault universe. It is a place where technology meets passion, where visitors can see new products and immerse themselves in the brand’s captivating universe, in a welcoming place that combines innovation and design,” claims Renault.

Visitors will get to explore two or three of the brand’s flagship vehicles put on display. Each store will also feature a selection of ‘The Originals Renault’ merchandise, such as model cars, clothing, and accessories.

Complementary to existing showrooms

The rnlt© sites will work in synergy with existing traditional-scale showrooms located on the outskirts, allowing city center customers to benefit from the full range of complementary sales and after-sales services: test drives, vehicle delivery, and handover, maintenance/repair, jockeying, etc.

“Renault’s strategy is centered on enhancing the customer experience. It is pioneering a cutting-edge approach for its showrooms with rnlt©, a place that fosters interaction and engagement. These spaces are designed to not only welcome visitors but also inspire them,” says Renault. “Through rnlt©, Renault remains at the forefront of innovation as it reshapes the car purchasing journey.”

First one in Paris

A rnlt© site operated by Retail Renault Group (RRG) opens in Paris at 104 Boulevard Haussmann. “The 180m2 showroom offers car enthusiasts a unique experience, with access to the brand’s merchandise and a look at Renault’s latest electric vehicles, Scenic E-Tech electric and R5 E-Tech electric, ideal for getting around town,” Renault explains.

Two Renault experts with knowledge of the brand’s products and technology are on site to help customers navigate the extensive range of models, technology, engine types, and customization options. They can also rely on the digital showroom installed on the site to help them find the vehicle that best suits their specific needs. The store is open Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In partnership with private investors, around twenty other rnlt© sites are set to be created in Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Rotterdam, Madrid, London, Berlin, Medellín, Seoul, etc.


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