Touring launches CarSelect online platform for young second-hand cars

Mobility Club Touring launched a new online car platform, Touring CarSelect, that focuses on qualitative second-hand cars or immediately available stock cars.

To do so, it collaborates with financial and insurance partners BNP Paribas Fortis and AG, not coincidentally their new shareholders since last year, to offer a complete and interesting package.

Important second-hand market

The second-hand market in Belgium and Luxembourg has always been very important and represents one and a half to two times more cars (during the pandemic) than totally new vehicles. So, generally speaking, 60% of all car buyers here are opting for a second-hand car.

The parts shortage and the pandemic influenced these figures, of course, and now there is the hesitation of many buyers to transition to electric, which also drives them to the second-hand market.

At Touring, they estimated that the quality of the cars and the information about them on the numerous second-hand car sites and channels wasn’t always a priority. That’s why they have launched a new digital platform where individual buyers can choose between a large offer of young and reliable second-hand cars or ready-available stock cars of all makes provided by professional dealers.

In this new initiative, Touring is being supported by the BNP Paribas Fortis Bank and AG Insurances. Both became major shareholders of Touring NV last year in July, when the mobility club was completely reorganized, resulting in a small relict of the ‘old’ Touring as a non-profit organization (Touring vzw) and a new company (Touring NV), with the abovementioned shareholders, as the main business provider.

Search for quality

The Belgian car market loves second-hand cars, and the individual car buyer even more so. According to Touring, the segment that seemed the most neglected was the one for younger and qualitative cars. At BNP Paribas Fortis, they saw financial loans rise for second-hand cars (+40%) and noticed that it represented 30% of all financial loans.

Also, for a second-hand car, potential buyers consult the internet and go searching online, but in the end, they want to see and feel the car, more so if it’s a younger one with a higher price tag. That’s where trust, confidence, and service play a major role.

The collaboration between the different partners allows the new platform to offer a complete package of services, including insurance, financing, private leases, road assistance, etc. The platform only works with professional dealers because they remain the first contact during and after the purchase phase.

“We are very happy to present Touring CarSelect,” says Bruno de Thibault, CEO of Touring NV. Through the partnership with AG and BNP Paribas Fortis, we are able to launch an innovative platform that gives clients peace of mind when they want to acquire a second-hand or stock new car. This peace of mind is highly appreciated by car buyers, and that’s what Touring wants to stand for.”

Second-hand can also be ‘green’

Touring CarSelect wants to offer only quality cars with a maximum age of 5 years and a maximum odometer reading of 150,000 km. There’s also a warranty charter (1 year minimum), and several optional services are provided.

The Touring assistance is not to be underestimated, after the car has been bought, but also during the purchase. When an electric second-hand car is being bought, for example, Touring will also be able to check the state of the battery, thanks to its collaboration with Decra.

“Trust is essential here,” concludes Walter Torfs, CEO of Touring CarSelect. “Our clients want professional assistance. We offer independent advice and the combined know-how of our three partners.”

“This also means that a second-hand car can be durable and green. We will be taking over the younger and greener cars in the market, and there will be an increasing number of electric and hybrid ones among them. They will replace much older cars. Our aim is to have some 25,000 cars permanently on offer in the long term; this year, we’re aiming for 5,000 to start up. We will not be the biggest player in numbers; we aim for quality and professionalism.”



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