Flanders’ nest egg for EV premiums already exhausted in five months

The Flemish region is the only one in Belgium to grant a premium of up to 5,000 euros for private persons purchasing a new electric vehicle with a list price under €40,000. Second-hand EVs are awarded a premium of up to €3,000. But five months after installation, the €20 million of Flanders’ nest egg for EV premiums is already exhausted.

Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters promised that the Flemish government would find six million extra elsewhere—mostly in climate funds —but according to figures asked for by CD&V MP Sofie Mertens, if all premiums applied for are granted, 27 million is needed today.

Total of 27.6 million euros

According to that data, on April 18th, 4,980 people had already applied for a new electric car and 932 for a second-hand one. If all of these demands are granted, that would mean a total of 27,696,000 euros.

Sofie Mertens told the Belga press agency that, on average, 28 new applications per day are submitted. She wonders where the Flemish government will find the extra money that is needed to keep its promise to grant the EV premiums until the end of the year.

Mertens’ party, CD&V, is with N-VA and Open VLD of Minister Peeters, part of that government. With elections looming around the corner, scheduled on June 9th in Belgium, it remains to see how the next government will deal with the legacy of its predecessors.


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