Luxair halts Antwerp-London flights due to crew shortage

Less than one year and a half after the first flight from Deurne (Antwerp) to London City Airport, the Luxembourg airline Luxair is canceling flights between Deurne and London starting June 3rd. Although popular, the flight schedule was criticized for insufficient frequency, hindering business and leisure travelers.

The reason for the discontinuation is a lack of pilots and cabin crew. “An additional reason is that the available pilots must be trained to fly new aircraft. It is unclear whether the suspension of flights between Deurne and London is temporary or permanent. We are in consultation with Luxair about this,” explains Tom Rutsaert, spokesperson for Deurne Airport.

Insufficient frequency

However, aviation specialists see other reasons for the flight cancellations. One of them is the limited number of flights. “To have a good connection for business flights within Europe, you must fly to a destination at least three times a day. Luxair now only has a morning and evening flight between Deurne and London on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meaning business travelers cannot fly there and back on the other days.”

And in the meantime, potential alternatives, such as train and bus services, remain available for travelers between the two cities.

Official explanation

Various other parties, such as Air Antwerp, Flybe, and VLM Airlines, previously flew between Antwerp and London City Airport.

Also, for city trips, the flight from Deurne is not ideal. You can leave on Friday but only return on Monday morning, meaning an extra night in a hotel.” The official explanation is that the flights between Deurne and London have been stopped due to a staff shortage.


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