China’s Avatr 07 extended-range EV to rival Tesla’s Model Y

Avatr, the joint venture between the Chinese state-owned manufacturer Changan and CATL, with Huawei as a major supplier, has unveiled its third model: the 07, a mid-size extended-range electric SUV. It follows the larger Avatr 11 SUV and Avatr 12 sedan and should rival the Tesla Model Y with a low price tag.

With a length of 4,825 mm, a width of 1,980 mm, and a height of 1,620 mm on a wheelbase of 2,940 mm, the Avatr 07 is only slightly smaller than the Avatr 11 (4,880 mm long), and the Avatr 12 (5,020 mm). It is, however, a bit cheaper at 250,000-350,000 yuan (32,000-44,800 euros).

High-tech for a sharp price

Customers get a modern design for the money, taking cues from the other Avatr models. It features 21-inch wheels, LiDAR-assisted semi-autonomous driving, camera mirrors, and an active grille to optimize aerodynamics.

Despite its modest price tag, the Avatr 07 features LiDAR semi-autonomous driving, active aerodynamics, and lots of tech on the inside / Avatr Technology

No official interior photos have been revealed, but spy shots indicate that a large central touchscreen will take on all vehicle functions, with additional displays closer to the windscreen, just like in the other Avatr models.

EREV first

We only know what type of powertrain will be used in terms of drivetrains. Initially, the Avatr 07 will be launched with an extended-range electric (EREV) drivetrain, using a gasoline engine as a generator to increase range. Later, a fully electric version (BEV) will also become available.

The Avatr 07 will be launched as an extended-range electric vehicle first before getting a fully electric drivetrain / Avatr Technology

Huawei does not have a stake in the joint venture, but it is a key supplier for many of the essential parts: the tech giant supplies the LiDAR system, vehicle software, and even electric motors. CATL supplies the batteries, of course, while Changan takes care of the manufacturing side.

International launch soon?

Avatr, which launched production in 2022, is currently only targeting its domestic market, but an expansion into other countries is planned in the near future. A fourth model, coming by 2025, will complete the first phase of the model range.


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