BMW partners with Parkopedia on providing better public charging info

Parking service provider Parkopedia has expanded its partnership with BMW Group to provide EV drivers with additional EV Point of Interest data, enabling them to make more informed decisions about when and where to charge their vehicles.

The new partnership is designed to provide EV drivers with photos and ratings for charging locations alongside Parkopedia-provided essential information such as the precise location of the charger, the charging speed, connector type, and dynamic data, including charging availability and whether units are operational or out-of-order.

Parkopedia’s network now also covers Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg, in addition to the previous coverage in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland. The company stated that its service will be expanded to other new markets soon.

Charging anxiety

“This additional information helps alleviate potential stress from the charging process for EV drivers by assisting them in selecting locations that best suit their needs – whether drivers want to prioritize well-lit sites where they feel safer, locations with desired local amenities so they can make the best use of charging times, or those with the highest user reviews, ensuring a more reliable charging experience,” says the press release.

More than 90% of EV drivers feel anxious about charging, with 60% considering charging information accuracy as “very important” or “extremely important”, according to the 2023 Parkopedia Global Driver Survey. Furthermore, 77% of drivers would prefer to drive a vehicle that provides information about public EV charging and enables them to navigate directly to specific charging locations.

“Consequently, Parkopedia understands that EV drivers want the most accurate and complete information on public charging locations to simplify daily use or the transition to EVs,” the company adds.

Improving the charging experience

“We recognize the charging anxiety facing EV drivers today when searching for suitable charging locations, and we are pleased to offer new functionality to simplify the charging process,” says Hans Puvogel, Parkopedia COO.

“Today, more than 90% of EV drivers feel anxious about charging, with 44% having already run out of charge sometimes. Consequently, nearly half of drivers who state they wouldn’t own an EV cite being worried about finding charging away from home as the main reason.”

This new service with BMW Group demonstrates Parkopedia’s commitment to improving the charging experience for EV drivers. We are honored to partner with BMW Group on a service of this scale and accuracy, showing the company’s dedication to its drivers and an electric future.”

“We will shortly combine this with verified driver reviews for charging locations to deliver the highest-quality and most up-to-date information possible when deciding where to charge,” Puvogel concludes.

EV charge-optimized route planning will be available now with additional charge point location data /Parkopedia


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