DS brooding on new retro-style flagship?

Stellantis’ premium subsidiary, DS Automobiles, is considering launching a radically designed electric sedan with unique styling and excellent aerodynamics.

As part of its efforts to further distance itself from and position itself above Citroën, DS is looking to launch a radical new electric sedan later this decade. Featuring retro styling inspired by the legendary Citroën DS, this car could be the premium Stellantis subsidiary’s new flagship model, a position currently held by the DS 9 executive sedan, which is produced in China.

Like other Stellantis brands, Alfa Romeo and Lancia for example, DS Automobile struggles to make its place in the premium car market. DS will go electric and could include an aero-focused car that pays homage to the Citroen DS, CEO Olivier François said in an interview with the car magazine Auto-Express.

Low-floored, very aerodynamic

Achieving confidence-inspiring driving range in EVs is a challenge, so automakers are working hard to squeeze every additional kilometer in other possible ways. That is the reason behind their renewed emphasis on aerodynamics and also why low-floored family cars like sedans are coming back into the limelight.

In its time, the Citroën DS was considered a revolutionary car, and a lot of that was due to its swept-back body. Its fast-sloping roofline, tapered tail, and partly covered rear wheels would make it a great inspiration for a modern electric executive sedan.

The original Citroën DS (1955) is considered one of the most beautiful and inventive cars ever made /Citroënët

Speaking further, François said that the DSs of the 1960s and 1970s were iconic because of their extremely aerodynamic design. DS can create the world’s “most meaningful aero-designed electric car” if it takes that approach again.

François indicated that if DS launches the flagship electric sedan it is contemplating, it would have to be “large, expensive, and amazing,” the epitome of what DS calls “French luxury.”

That would also mean that this car would sit on the electric-first STLA Large platform, engineered for D and E segment cars with a length, width, and wheelbase of 4,764-5,126 mm, 1,897-2,030 mm, and 2,870-3,075 mm, respectively.

The brand boss also hinted at the possibility of (re-)using a hydraulic suspension for enhanced ingress and ingress. That way, SUV-like vehicles wouldn’t be necessary anymore because of their easier access and the low ride would be very beneficial for aerodynamics.

The interior would have to be a modern interpretation of the roomy feel of the original DS /DS Automobiles

Birthday present in 2025

Stellantis has said that STLA Large platform-based EVs will have 400- or 800-volt battery packs with an energy storage capacity of 85-118 kWh. The models with an 800-volt battery pack will be capable of charging at a rate of up to 4.5 kWh per minute.

Stellantis is targeting a range of up to 800 km for sedans based on the STLA Large platform, although it’s safe to assume that it would achieve that target on a mass-market, efficiency-focused model.

The upcoming flagship electric sedan from the DS brand, being large and loaded to the brim with comfort and convenience features, might have a slightly higher energy consumption. That is probably the reason François suggested that it will have a 700+ km range.

Stellantis has already said that eight STLA Large platform-based models will arrive globally between 2024 and 2026. The potential future DS flagship EV may debut as a concept in 2025, celebrating its iconic predecessor’s 70th anniversary.

It would also help designers and engineers get the necessary feedback from prospective customers for any required changes for the production model to arrive a few years later.

The current DS flagship is the DS9, a large sedan produced in China / DS Automobiles




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