Jeep Wagoneer S is brand’s first fully committed ‘American’ EV

Jeep’s first fully electric vehicle that stands on its own is the Wagoneer S. While it is not the first electrified vehicle by the manufacturer, it is the first that is not built based on a combustion model.

Pictures of the car had already leaked out in January; now, the manufacturer has official ones, also of the inside and with more technical details. The Wagoneer S is a large electric SUV based on the STLA-Large platform, with a 400-volt system in this case, capable of delivering over 800 Nm torque.

Jeep proudly points out that the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in only 3.4 seconds thanks to an estimated 440 kW/600 hp delivered by two electromotors, one in front and one in the rear.

The 100 kWh battery –somewhat smaller than the 118 kWh originally speculated – can be charged from 20 to 80 percent in 23 minutes. This means that the promised range is not 600 km but “well over 300 miles” (some 500 km).

The Wagoneer S will be launched in Canada and the USA in the second half of 2024. Other global markets will follow; however, no exact timetable was presented. Regarding its international launch strategy, Jeep representatives said that the company plans to first focus its efforts in North America, launching in the US and Canada, followed by Brazil, Italy, and Mexico.

Produced in Mexico

Production of the Wagoneer S is apparently to start in Mexico. According to a report in the specialized website Inside EVs, the electric model will be assembled at the Toluca plant.

It remains to be seen exactly how much the Wagoneer S will cost, with production in Mexico likely to be somewhat cheaper for North American customers. Jeep itself cites the Model Y as a reference, which could also apply to the price. In the USA, the Model Y built in Texas and California is available at prices between $44,990 and $51,490, depending on the version.

In terms of vehicle dimensions, the Wagoneer S features a wheelbase of 2870 mm, a width of 1900 mm, and a height of 1646 mm. It is 4887 mm long and has a ground clearance of 162 mm. In terms of storage space, the frunk has a capacity of 58 liters, while the trunk offers a minimum of 484 liters.

Other technical specifications include the upcoming Wagoneer S’s five different drive modes, ranging from a standard ‘Auto’ to ‘Sport,’ ‘Eco,’ ‘Snow,’ and ‘Sand.’

As the names imply, the drive modes are designed for different traction cases, from slippery roads covered in snow to a somewhat similar lack of traction when driving on sand. Jeep’s electric drive system combines 3 functions in one, with the electric motor, the gearbox, and the power electronics combined into one compact unit.

New chapter

“The launch of the all-electric Jeep Wagoneer S marks a new chapter in the storied history of the Jeep brand,” said Antonio Filosa, CEO of the Jeep brand. “Building upon nearly a century of innovation and design, this first global EV will introduce a whole new generation of owners to an experience that is distinctly Jeep and 100% electric in every way. With new energy in the Jeep vehicle lineup, ranging from EV to V8, customers have never had more freedom to choose their own adventure.”

Jeep is also very proud of the new Wagoneer S’ design, which the Stellantis subsidiary claims “was designed from the brand’s legendary heritage, innovation and sophistication.” The front grille was redesigned with lighting instead of the classic grille design, as airflow is no longer needed for the motor to cool. As Jeep wrote in its press release: “The new, striking ambient lighting is inspired by modern architecture and ensures an unmistakable appearance even from a distance.”

As electrification demands higher degrees of efficiency in terms of energy usage and how it translates to the road, Jeep’s design team paid special attention to aerodynamics. The team managed to keep the drag coefficient under 0.30.

The roof and tailgate spoiler are also angled to optimise airflow, while the flush door handles, the rear wing and the integrated edges of the vehicle direct the airflow around the vehicle and control the separation point at the rear. The whole look of the newcomer is not dissimilar to a Range Rover Velar, for example.

More modern interior

Jeep is also fully banking on a more modern approach to interior design: the cockpit has screens sufficient for a usable interface area of 45 inches, including “a segment-exclusive interactive passenger screen.”

This is split between multiple integrated screens, however, as the vehicle is centered around a 12.3-inch display, which is then surrounded by three additional screens. As a safety precaution, the additional screens can be deactivated; the immense screen area may distract drivers.

Coupled with 19 integrated speakers, the Wagoneer S has an impressive entertainment system. While autonomous driving functions are not fully functional on the roads in Europe, a level 2 autonomous driving system does show that Jeep is keeping the options open for the technology.


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