Nio reveals luxury SUV EL8 bound for Europe

Chinese car manufacturer Nio has revealed the EL8, a new luxury SUV for Europe. The large SUV seats six, has a range of 500+ km, and will cost approximately €80,000 if nothing changes tax-wise. It will first be offered in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

According to the manufacturer, the EL8 will have many innovations, including a high-tech computer platform, ‘light-bending’ LED lighting, and Dual Chamber air suspension. The drag coëfficient will be an impressive 0.25. The car’s dual motors produce 480 kW and propel the massive car to 100 kph in 4.1 seconds.

Significant, safe, and sustainable

The car is 5,099 mm long, 1,750 mm high, and 2,199mm wide (mirrors included). Its 3,070 mm wheelbase offers plenty of interior space, and the long-range battery (100 kW) has a 510 km range, according to WLTP standards. A smaller 75 kW battery pack is also available.

The EL8 was developed mainly at Nio’s engineering facility in Oxford, UK. It has a Smart Safety System with seven airbags, which can adapt the deployment timing to the seriousness of the impact.

Intelligent, adaptive lighting cooperates with the ADAM supercomputer on board and, aided by LIDAR technology, adapts its light to traffic circumstances and other road users.

We find rotan, soja bean foam, and Haptex in the interior for seats and door panels. Suede is also present with plant extracts like sugar cane and castor oil.

Active suspension

The Dual Chamber air suspension and Continuous damping Control want to minimize the road impact on passengers and provide peaceful driving comfort. Luxury features like Hot Stone massage can be ordered in the Executive version. The two third-row seats can be folded away electrically, thus providing an 810-liter luggage space.

The powerful onboard computer can still be upgraded over the air, and all its sensors and cameras want to provide ample information to the driver and passengers. An Emergency Video function is activated when the car is threatened with an accident.

Of course, there are plenty of luxury items to be had, as standard or as an option. The Nio EL8 will have five exterior versions and three interior variants. When equipped with a towing bar, it can tow a trailer of up to 2,000 kg. Nio offers a growing range of luxury sedans and SUVs in the abovementioned markets.



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