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Get full mobile access for your staff

Do you want selected staff to have full mobile access to anywhere at any time on any device?

We can provide a package of logins at discount for a selected list we manage for you. As people’s careers move on, you always can add or replace user logins at wish. Just let us know how many people you have in mind and get a quote or call +32 475 37 45 45.

Personal login
Log in on any device of your choice
Unlimited access to all content anywhere
Free text search to all archives
Get new logins at simple re

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Get full office access for your organization

You want everybody of your staff and visitors within the organization’s premises to have full access to

With the site license, you can have an unlimited number of users, having full access to all content while at work and connected to your network. Contact us for a quote and a free tryout or call +32 475 37 45 45.

  • No logins needed
  • Unlimited access to all content
  • Free text search access to the archive
  • Available at all locations on your network
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A customized newsletter with your logo?

Would you like your staff, clients or business contacts to get updated on the latest evolutions in your business with a weekly or monthly newsletter branded with your own company design?

We can provide a white-labeled newsletter, with a selection of articles in English, French or Dutch best suited for your business, completely customized and ready to send to your contacts.

Even adding your own content to your liking. Give us a call at +32 475 37 45 45 or share your thoughts with us.

Weekly? Monthly? You decide
Choose the topics that matter
We do the work, you p
ush the send button

Your company style, your message

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