Brussels LEZ: Euro 4 diesel fines postponed until July?

According to the newspaper L’Echo, Euro 4 diesel cars driving inside the Brussels Low-Emission Zone (LEZ) won’t be fined until July. The newspaper reports that the official reason is new car delivery delays, but it also cites a computer bug at Brussels Taxation. Since January, Euro 4 diesel cars have been supposedly banned from the Brussels Region, but authorities give them a three-month tolerance period.

This January, a significant step in the Brussels Low-Emission Zone has been taken. Indeed, by banning Euro 4 diesel cars, the Region is blocking access to around 96 000 vehicles from the whole country, 38 000 of them registered in Brussels. However, as was the case with the previous ban, authorities give a three-month tolerance period where owners of unauthorized cars only receive a warning notice.

Three more months?

It is rumored that the tolerance, which is supposed to end by March 31st, is to be extended until July. Newspaper L’Echo reports the information, citing new car delivery delays as the official reason, but adding that the Brussels Government should reveal the decision this Thursday.

According to the news, regional authorities have decided to postpone the date due to the many delays in new cars deliveries, partly caused by the microchip shortage and, more recently, by supply chain issues created by the war in Ukraine. As a result, too many law-abiding citizens who drove Euro 4 diesel cars find themselves in a difficult position, as they have ordered new vehicles but haven’t received them yet.

Unofficial rumor

There is, however, another reason, although an unofficial one. According to some information, still from L’Echo, the deferral finds its origin in a computer bug inside the Brussels Taxation system. The news is backed by the fact that services responsible for the enforcement of the LEZ presumably did not send any warnings during the three-month tolerance period. So the future will tell if stranded motorists will still be able to drive their old Euro 4 diesel cars until July.


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