Paris-Berlin TGV line for late 2023

On Tuesday, the CEO of the French railway operator SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, announced that a new high-speed TGV line linking Paris to Berlin was in the making. It should be operational by December 2023, and connecting the two capital cities is around seven hours.

“A few years ago, we thought it was a bit long, and we were afraid of having no one. People are now prepared to stay five, six, or seven hours on a train. There are more and more people for whom this is not a problem, so much the better! So it makes sense for us to open a Paris-Berlin TGV line”, declared Jean-Pierre Farandou, CEO of the SCNF, talking to the AFP.


Talking to the media during the fifteen-year celebration of the collaboration between the SNCF and the Deutsche Bahn, Mr. Farandou announced that the future Paris-Berlin high-speed line should be operational by December 2023. There would be one return trip every day via Frankfurt using German ICE high-speed trains.

This decision comes in as long train journeys gain in popularity. Alain Krakovitch, director of TGV-Intercités at SNCF, said that the 7 hours and 48 minutes trip linking Frankfurt and Marseille has never been as popular. Furthermore, despite the arrival of Trenitalia in December, Paris-Milan TGV has doubled its passenger numbers.

TGV and night train

The future Paris-Berlin TGV line should operate alongside the night train service operated by Austrian ÖBB to enter service in 2023 as well. “They will both offer the service on that line simultaneously. People will have the choice depending on their preferences”, added Jean-Pierre Farandou.


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