Woluwe-Saint-Pierre launches first car sharing bonus

Inhabitants in Brussels who dispose of their vehicles and hand in their licence plates receive a premium through Bruxell’Air or Brussels’Air. The fees vary between 500 and 900 euros depending on income and can be used to finance public transport passes, a bicycle, or car-sharing services.

Regarding the last alternative, the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre has decided to take it one step further. It will offer a new 100 euros bonus called “car sharing bonus” from the 1st of June. Every resident is entitled to it, but without the obligation of handing over the licence plate.

Operators pay part of fee

Specifically, the bonus covers up to 100 euros of benefits for registration fees and subscriptions for all new members of one of the two shared car operators present in the municipality: Cambio or Poppy.

According to the municipality, the operators take a part of the bonus at their charge and ensure the administrative follow-up.

The special feature of the formula is that you don’t have to give up your own car to get the bonus, writes the newspaper La Dernière Heure.


“With this bonus, we are not pillorying motorists who wish to continue to use their car and sometimes don’t have another choice (elderly people, families, etc.). We want to encourage those who are prepared to use a shared car”, says alderman Alexandre Pirson (Les Engagés).

So, the car sharing bonus is not a lever for someone to give up ownership of the vehicle, but rather a motivator for people to join the system. The aim is to encourage people to try out alternatives. According to the alderman, it is a great first in Belgium at the municipal level.


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