Flanders: vehicle tax reform lead to limited drop in CO2 emissions

April 23, 2024

According to a study by the Federal Planning Office, the 2012 reform of the Flemish vehicle registration tax (BIV) led to a faster but small decrease in CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in Flanders. The additional impact of the Flemish reform of the annual circulation tax in 2016 and the premium for emission-free cars, […]

Flemish cities and businesses step up their commitment to part-mobility

April 23, 2024

In Ghent, 63 cities, companies, and property developers have signed a ‘Green Deal for shared mobility’. Through the partnership, the participants commit to providing the necessary places for shared cars and bikes near homes. The ambition is to have 7,000 shared cars and 150,000 car sharers by 2027. Research shows that each shared car replaces […]

HoloSolis will build the largest photovoltaic panel factory in EU

April 22, 2024

French manufacturer HoloSolis is to build Europe’s largest photovoltaic panel factory in Hambach, near Sarreguemines in Moselle, France. The construction involves an investment of 710 million euros. Onsite construction is expected to launch in the second quarter of this year, and production will start in 2025. The factory is targeted to produce 10 million PV […]

T&E: ‘Airlines barely pay for their CO2 emissions in Europe’

April 22, 2024

Low-cost airlines pollute more than ever, the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) denounces in a new report. All passenger flights taking off in Europe last year emitted as much CO2 as 80 million petrol cars in one year. However, airlines, according to the NGO fighting for more environmentally friendly transport, had to pay for less […]

Lease bike as popular as a lease car among employees

April 19, 2024

Of Belgian employees who can choose to convert part of their traditional cash remuneration into another benefit via a cafeteria plan of flexible remuneration, 13% opt for a bicycle. According to an analysis by SD Worx of almost 100,000 employees, this is the first time that as many employees have chosen a bicycle as a […]

Most drivers adjust driving behavior after speeding fine

April 19, 2024

In 2023, 30% of Belgians received a traffic fine, the vast majority for a speeding offense. A survey conducted by Traffic Safety Institute Vias now shows that two out of three drivers do adjust their driving behavior after receiving a speeding ticket. The Federal Highway Police and local police are also organizing the twentieth-speed camera […]

Dredging works for new Scheldt tunnel for Oosterweel link started

April 18, 2024

The dredging works required for the construction of the new Scheldt tunnel for the Oosterweel connection have started in the Scheldt off the Antwerp port area. Specifically, this involves creating a temporary navigation channel so that ships can safely pass by the works and then a sinking trench so that the tunnel elements can be […]

Hype’s hydrogen taxis are coming to Brussels

April 17, 2024

French company Hype’s hydrogen taxis are coming to Brussels, according to the business newspaper L’Echo. To tackle the market in the Belgian capital, Hype notably acquired a stake in the local taxi company Mol-Tax. The company would also install its green hydrogen stations in Brussels. Second hydrogen taxi project in Brussels From 2025, all new […]

15 cases of aggression per day against staff off Belgian public transport companies

April 17, 2024

Last year, there were an average of 15 cases of aggression per day against staff of Belgian public transport companies, a 1,5% increase compared to 2022. To stop such aggression, De Lijn, MIVB/STIB, NMBS/SNCB, and TEC have launched a joint campaign. They are also calling for further support from the police and judiciary to tackle […]

Infrabel invests €80 million in new sensors for safer, more punctual trains

April 16, 2024

Belgian rail network operator Infrabel and the French multinational rolling stock manufacturer Alstom will install up to 10,000 new sensors along the Belgian rail network over the next decade. To this end, the two companies have signed an 80 million euro contract. The sensors or train detection devices should, among other things, help improve train […]

More and more Belgians cycle to work

April 16, 2024

According to a BeMob survey by FPS Mobility, 32% of Belgian workers used a bicycle to commute to work last year, either for all or part of the journey. This is an increase compared to 2019, when 29% of Belgian workers (partly) cycled to work. However, there are big differences between regions as, on average, […]

Walloon TEC gets its first electrified depot

April 15, 2024

The Walloon government has approved the Mobi’Park project for public transport company TEC. The project involves developing a new bus depot in Tilleur, in the province of Liège. Philippe Henry (Ecolo), Walloon Minister of Mobility, says this will be the first electrified depot in Wallonia. A budget of 105 million euros has been allocated for […]

Ecolo continues to push for 100 kph on motorways

April 15, 2024

Ecolo, the French-speaking Green party in Belgium, remains behind its choice for 100 kph on motorways in Belgium. At the Flemish Green Party, the proposal is no longer to be found in the 2024 election program. Coalition partner Ecolo does want to go full steam ahead with it, writes the newspaper La Dernière Heure, but […]

Bike more popular than car in inner Paris

April 12, 2024

In Paris, the bicycle has overtaken the car as a means of transport and is now behind walking and public transport. According to a survey by the Paris Region Institute (IPR), conducted at the request of some 15 public and private institutions, Parisians use bicycles more, chosen for 11,2% of intramural trips, than cars, with […]

Stricter EU CO2 standards for buses and trucks

April 12, 2024

The European Parliament has approved stricter CO2 standards for buses and trucks. This includes the requirement that all new buses should be emission-free by 2035 and almost all new trucks by 2040. The European Council still must give the green light, but this is considered a formality. A complete ban on combustion engines for lorries […]

E-bike market share of over 50% in Belgium for the first time

April 11, 2024

Last year, 569,605 new bikes were delivered in Belgium, down one-fifth compared to the peak year 2022. Mobility Federation Traxio says the fewer new bicycles purchased are due to large stocks at bicycle dealers. Yet a historic milestone has also been rounded in the meantime: the e-bike achieves a market share of more than half […]

Record number of traffic fines for De Lijn, accounting for over €173 000

April 10, 2024

The business newspaper De Tijd reports that drivers of the Flemish public transport company De Lijn received a record number and amount of traffic fines last year. Altogether, 2,531 traffic violations were recorded, accounting for a fine amount of over 173,000 euros. Compared with 2022, the previous record year, the number of offenses recorded is […]

Additional works in Leonard Tunnel cause more disruption

April 10, 2024

The Roads and Traffic Agency reports that additional work has unexpectedly emerged during the renovation of the Leonard Tunnel in Tervuren. From 16 April, these will cause serious disruption to traffic and residents of the Brussels and Flemish municipalities around the site. The Auderghem municipality and the Brussels Region have called on the Flemish authorities […]

700 extra charging stations for car parks at Brussels Airport

April 09, 2024

Interparking is equipping the public car parks at Brussels Airport with more than 700 charging points for EVs. These slow charging points are optimized for long parking periods and are perfect for cars that stay for several days or weeks while the owner is traveling. There are no additional charges for parking in these car […]

NMBS/SNCB: Trains more punctual, and better refund for 100 000 commuters

April 09, 2024

For the first time since August, more than nine out of ten NMBS/SNCB trains ran on time in March, i.e., with less than 6 minutes delay upon arrival in Brussels or at the ultimate destination. According to the NMBS/SNCB, these are “the best punctuality figures since the full resumption of rail traffic after the COVID-19 […]

Wallonia not satisfied with NMBS/SNCB’s holiday regime

April 08, 2024

There has been outrage in Wallonia, and particularly in the Liège region, over the holiday regime of Belgian public train operator NMBS/SNCB. Due to the switch to a holiday regime across the country, because it is Easter holiday in Flanders, there are fewer trains in Wallonia, especially during rush hours and in the busy region […]

Vias: ‘helmets with built-in infotainment systems can cause distractions’

April 08, 2024

With the arrival of spring, many motorcyclists are also jumping back on their bikes. Road Safety Institute Vias wants to warn motorbike enthusiasts about all kinds of distractions on their bikes, such as helmets with built-in infotainment systems. Although there is no evidence that such systems can contribute to road accidents, Vias nevertheless calls for […]

Brussels LEZ tightening under discussion again

April 05, 2024

The French-speaking Brussels socialist party PS wants the ban on diesel vehicles with emission class Euro 5, which will apply from January 2025, to be postponed for two years. The socio-liberal DéFI also wants a review of the low-emission zone (LEZ) rules. Energia, the former Belgian Petroleum Federation, in turn, wants the rules around the […]

EU recognizes cycling as key element in its mobility strategy

April 04, 2024

The European Union wants to work on improving cycling infrastructure among its member states and wants to make (electric) cycling more attractive. This is stated in the “European Declaration on the Use of Bicycles,” signed by the EU’s three central legislative institutions on Wednesday. “Cycling has numerous benefits: it reduces pollution and traffic congestion and […]

‘Families prefer car over train and bus as most attractive option’

April 03, 2024

The car is still the preferred mode of transport for families in Flanders, and the train remains an uninviting option. This is according to the latest family poll of the Gezinsbond, an independent family organization that surveyed 1,072 families. Those same families also want safer cycle routes to school and find De Lijn’s new bus […]

Belgian rail performing better but aggression toward staff remains high

April 02, 2024

Belgian public transport company NMBS/SNCB posted an operational result (EBITDA) of 142.2 euros last year. That is a lot more than in 2022 and more than forecasted in the business plan. At the same time, the railway company’s staff continues to struggle with aggression: last year, rail staff were victims of aggression 2,298 times or […]

Opposing reactions to new permit for Brussels Airport

April 02, 2024

The granting of Brussels Airport Company’s new environmental permit is provoking opposed reactions. According to the citizen forum Burgerforum Luchthavenregio, the Flemish government has let down the residents of the surrounding municipalities around the airport. The Federal Ombudsman also feels that health and pollution have not been sufficiently considered. The Flemish liberal political party Open […]

Lineas presents first locomotive running on used cooking oil

April 01, 2024

At North Sea Port Gent, railway operator Lineas presented its new FAME locomotive, which runs on used cooking oil. The FAME locomotive resembles a classic diesel variant but emits 85% less CO2 on unelectrified tracks. FAME stands for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, and although waste-based FAME is already used in marine engines and simple combustion […]

TAP Air Portugal post record profit, ITA Airways cuts losses

March 28, 2024

TAP Air Portugal posted a record profit of 177.3 million euros in 2023, up by just under 112 million euros compared to 2022. TAP carried 15.9 million passengers in 2023, up 15.2%, but still lower than before the 2019 health crisis. Meanwhile, Italy’s ITA Airways reduced its loss to 5 million euros last year, down […]

Brussels North again Belgium’s busiest railway station

March 27, 2024

With more than 60,000 boarding passengers, Brussels-North railway station was again the busiest station in Belgium on weekdays in 2023, a title it had to leave to Brussels-Midi/South a year before. Brussels-Central, Brussels-Midi, and Ghent-Sint-Pieters followed it. The first Walloon station is Ottignies, followed by Namur. Incidentally, in Wallonia, ticket machines of the public railway […]

Stellantis lets 1,520 people leave voluntarily at Turin Mirafiori plant

March 27, 2024

Italo-Franco-US carmaker Stellantis has agreed with Italian unions that provide for 1,520 voluntary departures in Turin at the historic headquarters of the car brand Fiat. The Turin plant has been running on reduced production volumes for some time. Those departures include 733 administrative and middle managers and 300 in the bodywork department at the Mirafiori […]

Nine new destinations from Brussels Airport

March 26, 2024

From March 31st, the start of the summer season, Brussels Airport will offer nine new destinations. Six new airlines will also make their appearance. More importantly, by Friday, a decision on the new environmental permit for the airport is expected. Brussels Airport and residents will then know whether the annual number of flight movements will […]

Touring urges Brussels to ‘ease’ LEZ exclusion of 850,000 vehicles

March 26, 2024

Mobility organization Touring is calling for a moratorium on the Euro 5 ban in Brussels from January 2025. Tightening the allowable emissions standard in the Brussels Region would exclude 850,000 vehicles, including 700,000 passenger cars and 150,000 vans. Touring says a moratorium would encourage a smoother transition to EVs, pending a more diverse and affordable […]

De Lijn looking for 800 drivers and 100 technicians

March 25, 2024

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn wants to recruit 800 drivers and 100 technicians this year. To this end, it will organize 14 job days, four for drivers and ten for technicians. “During the job days, everyone can get a taste of a job at De Lijn, learn about the terms of employment and […]

Flemish EV premium: Citroën and Tesla most popular brands

March 25, 2024

Citroën, Tesla, and Volvo are the top three in the applications for a Flemish premium for an electric car. So, reports Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters (Open VLD). Meanwhile, there are already 2,006 completed applications, and almost half of the premiums have already been distributed. A total of 2,006 completed applications have now been received. These […]

Court of Audit critical of Flemish Basic Accessibility Decree

March 22, 2024

The Belgian Court of Audit is very critical of, among other things, the preparation and elaboration of the Basic Accessibility Decree. With that decree, postponed several times and now being rolled out in phases, the Flemish government wanted to replace supply-driven essential mobility with a demand-driven transport model with several transport layers, including customized transport. […]

Dutch judge condemns KLM for greenwashing ads

March 21, 2024

The court in Amsterdam has condemned KLM for various misleading green claims in advertisements. According to the judges, the Dutch airline painted too rosy a picture of the beneficial effects of, for example, forest projects as CO2 compensation and the use of more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The ruling states that such measures only marginally […]

French e-bike refurbisher Upway opens first Belgian branch

March 21, 2024

After Paris, Berlin, and New York, Upway, a French chain that sells used electric bicycles, is now opening a depot in Mechelen (Belgium). The new branch will create 65 new jobs. About 2,000 e-bikes will be refurbished monthly, and customers can buy them exclusively online. Research by Upway and iVOX shows that 29% of Belgian […]

Another strike at Brussels Airlines to scare away customers (update)

March 21, 2024

A previously announced four-day strike by Brussels Airlines pilots was first postponed, but the unions reinitiated it for 27 to 30 March at the last minute on Wednesday evening as negotiating with the employer for higher wages was ‘close’ but ‘not sufficient’. The management proposal to compensate higher wages by less weekend rest days, was […]

Belgian Cowboy launches its first all-road e-bike Cross

March 21, 2024

Belgian e-bike manufacturer Cowboy is launching Cross, the brand’s first all-road bike. With the launch of the third, more robust long-distance model, the Brussels-based company specializing in electric city bikes also wants to target the more adventurous cyclist and consequently reach a wider audience. At 3,999 euros, the price is hefty, so it remains to […]

Bolt launches PRM taxi service in Brussels

March 19, 2024

Bolt, an Estonian mobility company that offers ride-hailing, micro-mobility rental, and car-sharing services, among other things, expands its service range in Brussels with the launch of a category dedicated to Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM), underscoring its commitment to more inclusive urban mobility. The new category includes 30 vehicles specially equipped to meet accessibility needs, […]

Brussels Airport’s impact: 64,000 jobs and €5.4 billion added value

March 19, 2024

Brussels Airport accounts for 5.41 billion in added value and more than 64,000 jobs. According to a study on the economic impact commissioned by Zaventem Airport, the Universities UAntwerpen and UCLouvain presented these results on Monday. Meanwhile, management and unions at Brussels Airlines also reached an agreement on Monday regarding better pay for cabin crew. […]

80% of Walloons say cohabiting among road users is ‘problematic’

March 18, 2024

Eight in ten Walloons think cohabiting among road users is problematic, and four in ten say it has deteriorated recently. This is according to a survey conducted by the Walloon Road Safety Agency (AWSR) on aggressiveness and irritating behavior in traffic. One consequence is that traffic aggression is also on the rise, and consequently, the […]

French train builder Alstom starts its own rail service in UK

March 15, 2024

French rail group Alstom will operate its own train service in the UK from May 2025 between Wales and London. An application has been submitted to the UK rail regulator Office of Rail and Road (ORR) to operate five daily trains in each direction. “We have been part of the UK rail fabric for two […]

Belgian organic farmer sues TotalEnergies over climate change

March 14, 2024

Belgian organic farmer Hugues Falys is taking TotalEnergies to court over the French oil company’s role in climate change. This is the first climate case against a multinational in Belgium. Several human rights and environmental organizations support the case, including Greenpeace and the International Federation for Human Rights. “The climate crisis has a huge impact […]

Northern Netherlands gets 35,000 extra charging points

March 13, 2024

Up to 35,000 public charging points for EVs will be added in the Dutch provinces of Flevoland, North Holland, and Utrecht by 2027. The first charging points could already be on the streets from the middle of this year, according to project agency MRA-Elektrisch, which tendered for 74 municipalities for this purpose. The Netherlands passed […]

Sixth bike fair Bike Brussels is coming up

March 13, 2024

From Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March, Tour & Taxis will host the sixth edition of the bike fair Bike Brussels. In the event location’s ‘Gare Maritime, ‘ more than 150 exhibitors will guide cycling enthusiasts through the latest innovations in the sector, recent accessories that can come in handy for a trip on two […]

Belgian railways spent more than €600 million on consultancy in two years

March 12, 2024

Belgian public railway company NMBS/SNCB and infrastructure manager Infrabel spent 612 million euros on consultancy between 2022 and 2022. Based on internal documents from both companies, research media Apache and Médor have exposed this. Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) had previously said the cost for that period was 44,6 million euros, but the actual amount […]

41 large construction sites to ‘jam’ Flemish highways this year

March 11, 2024

In 2024, there will be 41 major road construction works on the Flemish highways for an investment of 902 million euros, not including Oosterweel. “The interventions are very diverse,” says Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters (Open Vld). “They range from renewing the road surface to the installation of noise barriers, the […]

Record profit for Brussels Airlines but social conflict causes downer

March 08, 2024

After five years of loss-making, Brussels Airlines posted record results last year, with an operating profit of 53 million euros. The airline carried 8,3 million passengers for the entire year, 21% more than in 2022. But even though turnover climbed back to pre-corona levels, Brussels Airlines has been plagued by social unrest for some time, […]

Stellantis to invest €5,6 billion in EVs and bio-hybrids in Brazil

March 07, 2024

Stellantis, including brands such as Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Jeep, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo, will invest 5,6 billion euros in South America between 2025 and 2030, the largest investment ever in the South American automotive sector. The group aims to develop its EV offerings on the continent and promote its ‘bio-hybrid’ technologies, which combine electrification and […]

D’Ieteren sells 40% more cars and makes almost €1 billion operating profit

March 06, 2024

Brussels-based holding company D’Ieteren, best known for car glass repairer Carglass and as an importer of VW vehicles, posted sharply higher profits in 2023. Last year, that adjusted consolidated profit before tax came to 970.8 million euros or a 28.1% increase compared to 2022. Things look rosy for D’Ieteren for this year, too: It expects […]

Dutch power grid will be problematic in large parts until 2029

March 05, 2024

The Dutch electricity grid is becoming increasingly saturated. Top executive Maarten Otto of energy network company Alliander confirmed this when presenting the annual results. He added that demand is growing much faster than the pace at which the grids can be expanded for years, and expansion of the net is not expected to provide additional […]

‘Three-country train’ Liège-Maastricht-Aachen starts in June

March 05, 2024

The long-announced ‘three-country train’ Liège-Maastricht-Aachen will start running in the border region between Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany from June 9th. The Maastricht-Aachen section has been active since 2019. However, Belgium could not yet be served due to making the trains of carrier Arriva suitable for the different security systems used in the three countries. […]

New French HST operator to launch low-cost ‘ilisto’ brand

March 04, 2024

Start-up Kevin Speed will run high-speed trains (HST) in France from 2028 under the brand ‘ilisto’. The new HST operator signed an agreement with SNCF Réseau, the French rail network operator, to get the necessary train paths for the planned train runs. Specifically, Kevin Speed wants tracks from Paris to the North (Lille), east (Strasbourg), […]

Record figures again for Air France-KLM

March 04, 2024

French-Dutch airline group Air France-KLM has seen sales and profits rise to record highs in 2023 despite losing in the fourth quarter. The group ended the year with a net profit of 934 million euros, its highest-ever profit figure. Sales rose to 3 billion euros, 14% more than in 2022. These record figures starkly contrast […]

EU Parliament rejects limited driver’s license validity period

February 29, 2024

The European Parliament rejects limiting the validity period of driving licenses for older drivers. Earlier, European Mobility Ministers also agreed that there would be no specific validity restriction on driving licenses for the over-70s. The legislation, which also introduces a digital driving license on smartphones, has yet to be negotiated with members; it emerged on […]

Dutch Railways in red plans to raise ticket prices by 10%

February 28, 2024

Like in 2022, Dutch Railways NS made a 191-million-euro loss last year due to increased costs for wages and equipment, but also because the number of expected passengers fell short. NS, therefore, wants to make train tickets considerably more expensive next year, possibly by more than 10%. With that 191-million-euro loss, NS may be doing […]

Dutch Railways orders new trains for €150 million

February 27, 2024

Dutch Railways NS will order ten more Intercity trains, New Generation, on top of the 99 already ordered earlier. The order involves an investment of over 150 million euros. Public transport in the Netherlands is still less popular than it was before the Covid-19 health crisis, yet increasing crowding is noticeable – 15.5% more people […]