Bolt to drop 900 shared e-bikes in Brussels

Micro-mobility platform Bolt is launching 900 e-bikes in Brussels. The Estonian company, launching e-bikes to celebrate its first anniversary on the Brussels market, states this in a press release.

In time, Bolt wants to deploy 16 000 e-bikes across Europe to expand the range of micro-mobility available in cities. The company, the largest mobility platform in Europe, also intends to invest more than 150 million euros in micro-mobility to further expand its e-scooters and e-bikes.

100% recyclable aluminum

From today, you can also use an electric shared bike from Bolt to travel in Brussels after the ride-hailing service and the light green electric shared e-scooters.

The robust bicycles have a light green frame and a black basket and, like those of competitor Dott, are equipped with puncture-proof pneumatic tires. The speed of the bikes, with solid drum brakes on the front and rear wheels, is limited to 25 km/hour. The e-bikes are also equipped with a functional dashboard that provides information on speed, battery level, and speed zones.

The e-bikes are very durable with a lifespan of five years and are made of 100% recyclable aluminum. In addition, the exchangeable battery is integrated into the design, so fewer operations are required to charge the battery. This eliminates the need to transport the bikes to a warehouse for charging, reducing the overall carbon footprint. The battery also offers a range of up to 90 km per charge.

80 extra cities

Bolt, which recently announced that you must take an alcohol test to use one of their e-scooters in Brussels, will invest more than 150 million euros this year to further expand shared mobility. The company, currently active in 170 cities, wants to expand its fleet to more than 230 000 steps and e-bikes and use it in more than 250 cities.

In Brussels, more than 1,74 million kilometers have been traveled using Bolt’s e-steps since its launch. “We offer our customers a new micro-mobility service that helps them move around the city quickly, comfortably, and sustainably,” says Oualid Benhammadi, Country Manager Micro-Mobility Bolt.

“We give people a new perspective on how to move around the city responsibly. Our mission is to help people leave their private cars behind and opt for emission-free micro-mobility. We continue to invest in alternatives in Belgium for short, medium, or long trips, and our bikes and steps are designed to combine functionality and convenience without compromising safety,” concludes Oualid Benhammadi.


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