Antwerp introduces no-go zones for shared e-scooters

The city of Antwerp introduced new regulations for shared e-scooters. From July 18th onward, ‘no go zones’, ‘no park zones’, and ‘slow-speed zones’ will be marked. Technology makes cheating impossible. For example, in a ‘no go zone’, the e-scooters will automatically reduce speed and come to a halt if you enter the area.

The city council has decided to tighten the rules on shared e-scooters because their use has risen sharply in recent years, sometimes jeopardizing public order and safety. ‘Drop zones’ had already been introduced but were never compulsory. Now, the city is taking a more repressive approach.

Rental period continues

‘No go zones’ are areas where the use of e-scooters is not desirable, according to the city. Think of nature reserves, cemeteries, inside Antwerp-Central train station, and at the entrance to the Brabant tunnels on the Leien. There, shared e-scooters will automatically reduce speed and grind to a halt.

In ‘no park zones’, riders will not be able to leave shared e-scooters behind, except if there’s a marked drop zone in that area. These are dense areas or areas with limited public space, such as sports and playgrounds, and bridges over the Antwerp Ring.

Those who do not leave the e-scooter at the parking area for shared e-scooters cannot log off and continue to pay for a session. All ‘no go zones’ are also automatically ‘no park zones’.

No more littering

Finally, there will also be ‘slow-speed zones’ in busy and pedestrian zones, such as the Meir or the Grote Markt (Great Market Square). Between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., shared e-scooters will automatically slow down to 8 kph to enhance traffic safety.

The different zones will be visible to everyone on the online city map by July 18th. Users will also be able to consult them in the apps of the shared e-scooters providers and receive notifications when entering a ‘no go zone’.

It is increasingly common for providers of shared e-scooters to enter a contract with the city and accept that their e-scooters may travel slower in some zones or cannot be left behind. In Antwerp, Bird, Poppy, and Circ are operational. In Brussels, similar measures were introduced in March of this year.


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