Two new bridges over Charleroi Canal officially opened

Since Friday, two new bridges over the Brussels Charleroi Canal have been officially inaugurated. On the border of Drogenbos and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, it is the Three Fountains Bridge (Drie Fonteinenbrug). In Halle, it is the Misia Bridge, formerly known as the Zuidbrug.

Thanks to the new Three Fountains Bridge, a bridge made of 600 tons of steel, 74 meters long, and over 17 meters wide, freight traffic can be diverted via the Brussels Ring Road and the right bank of the canal. This should make the Canal Zone more attractive for new companies looking for a well-connected location.

Stimulate water-bound traffic

The inaugurations took place in the presence of the Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld). “The new bridge should improve access and road safety in and around the industrial zone along the Canal while also stimulating water-bound transport,” says Peeters.

“Flanders has invested 15,8 million euros in this new bridge. The construction of this bridge is part of the further development of the Charleroi Canal as an important transport artery.”

An attractive alternative for road transport

Chris Danckaerts, delegated director of The Flemish Waterway, is also pleased with the bridge. “The new Three Fountains Bridge meets all the needs of our time, ensures a safer and smoother traffic flow, and with a higher vertical clearance, it also guarantees smooth shipping traffic.”

“Together with the other investments, the Charleroi Canal is thus gradually being made accessible to modern ships with three container layers. These additional advantages make the waterway an even more attractive alternative to road transport for companies.”

With the realization of the Three Fountains Bridge, a fixed bridge that does not have to be opened to shipping, the development of a regional transshipment center (ROC), and the construction of new quays on the left bank of the canal will also become possible. “This new infrastructure will facilitate transport by water for companies that want to integrate sustainable transport in their logistics chain as a fully-fledged alternative to transporting goods by road,” stresses Peeters.

Nice and wide cycle paths

The Misia Bridge in Halle, which also connects with the new and somewhat further situated Zenne bridge, must relieve the town center of through traffic as much as possible. The bridge, named after Misia Godebska, granddaughter of the Halle cellist François Servais, also cost 15 million euros.

It has a safely separated mixed cycle path and footpath on both sides. In addition, at both bridges, a connection has been made with the new bicycle highway F20 Canal Route South, with a free-flowing double-direction bicycle path four meters wide. The new bicycle connections will be included in the Flemish Bicycle Network BBF.



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