Brussels police catches man driving 112 kph with e-scooter

In Brussels, near Place Saincteclette, a road user was recently arrested for driving 112 km/hour on his e-scooter. He reached this speed in the Anny Cordy tunnel, during the Roller Bike Parade, which is organised every Friday evening from 10 June to 23 September. So reports La Dernière Heure. The man filmed his own ‘heroic deeds’ to post the images on social media afterward.

It is not the first time that the police have pulled e-scooter users off the public roads because they exceed the legal speed limit. For example, in January, the Malines police confiscated an e-scooter that was capable of reaching 104 km/hour.

Illegal, but easy to find

The phenomenon is of all times and all places: with every new mobile device that comes on the market, there are users and manufacturers who increase the legally permitted speed of the vehicle. Even though they are illegal to use on public roads, you can find them quite easily for prices that can quickly reach three to four thousand euros. 

The man caught in Brussels was driving a Dualtron Thunder, one of the world’s fastest e-scooters. It is equipped with two 8 300 W peak motors and a 72 V 42 A battery. It can reach speeds of up to 110 km/hour. And it costs 4 500 euros.

It is also equipped with front and rear brakes with ventilated hydraulic discs, which prevent overheating of the discs and premature wear of the brake pads. With its hydraulic front and rear suspension, the suspension can be set in 19 positions.

On the Dualtron site the manufacturer states that “with normal driving conditions (medium speed, 65 kg user, warm temperatures), we expect the e-scooter to be able to achieve a range of 150 km, more with ‘calm’ driving.”

‘Good enough to die’

On YouTube, several videos circulate of users achieving amazing speeds with an electric scooter that has been driven up. For example, a video recorded in Korea shows a young helmeted guy reaching 125 km/hour on a WEPED Dark Knight 72V 90a.

“What about it?”, the maker of the video asks a young guy who has just tried out such a device. “Good enough to die,” he replies. “I only did first gear, and it was crazy. It’s f**k. Wow, this was the best thing that I’ve ridden.”

The fact that such speeded-up devices are dangerous to the lives of both the user and other road users speaks volumes. “This behavior is harmful,” says Benoît Godart, spokesperson for Vias, safety institute, in an interview with the newspaper La Dernière Heure. “It discredits the 99,9% correct users. They are also dangerous. A pothole, gravel… If they fall, it’s unforgivable. ”

Number of accidents on the rise

The figures don’t lie either. According to the Road Safety Barometer, the number of personal injury accidents involving scooter riders will triple in Belgium in 2022 (from 96 to 296 victims). In Brussels alone, the number of victims rises from 36 to 122. In one in two cases, the head is hit, resulting in head injuries. This year, more than 1 000 incidents of inappropriate speed and endangering pedestrians have already been recorded in the center of Brussels. That is an increase of no less than 230%.

According to a recent study, in 84% of e-scooter accidents, the user is the only one involved, and the condition of the road, the light, and driving under the influence are often the cause.

Regulations tightened

The regulations on so-called motorized locomotion devices, such as electric scooters and monowheels, have been tightened since 1 July. The minimum age is 16, except in certain places, and users are equated with cyclists, regardless of their speed.

They must, therefore, cycle on the cycle track or the roadway and may not carry passengers. The e-scooter must also be fitted with brakes, an audible warning device, a white reflector at the front, a red one at the back, and side indicator signs, namely a white reflective strip along each side of the footrests and/or a white reflective strip in the form of a continuous circle on each side of the front and rear wheel tire.

However, the Brussels Region is taking additional measures, such as lowering the maximum speed for e-scooters to 8 km/hour in certain pedestrian zones. In all other places in the region, the speed of e-scooters is limited to 20 km/hour – the legal speed for Belgium is 25 km/hour.

And again, an e-scooter can be a fast and fun mode of transportation, as long as you’re riding safely and considerately.


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