Maserati lifts curtain of all-electric Gran Turismo in video

In a YouTube video dubbed ‘Roaring in California’, Italian sports car brand Maserati has unveiled the GranTurismo Folgore alongside some preliminary specifications. Together with the pure electric Grecale, this 2+2-seater will kickstart Maserati’s electric offensive as of next year but will probably come sooner than the compact crossover.

The final design of the Gran Turismo Folgore doesn’t come as a big surprise, as Maserati already showed a hardly camouflaged prototype in the wake of the Formula E Grand Prix in Rome earlier this year. But this is the first time the car can be seen in full.

Ecological interior materials 

The sleek lines from the GranTurismo dynasty are upgraded with headlights reminding of the MC20, but the front apparently gives the impression of a classic but redundant radiator grille. The interior remains obscured, but Maserati refers to silk-like finishing made from recycled nylon, which is supposed to blend Italian craftsmanship and eco-consciousness.

In the video, which you find underneath, American comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is granted a co-drive by Klaus Busse, Head of Maserati Design, who explains to him some of the details of the car. Busse refers to the special position of the battery pack, sitting in the middle of the car, making it possible for him to keep that classical shape in place. This has previously been referred to as the Bone Battery.

Beating Tesla and  Lucid?

Maserati has hinted at an output of around 1 200 hp for the GT Folgore, pitching the car performance-wise against the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire. The video does not confirm these numbers, but upon Mianiscalo’s request, the 0-60 mph time is acknowledged as 2,6 seconds, while the top speed surpasses 320 km/hour. Both the Lucid and the Tesla go faster from a standstill to 100 km/hour (2,1 for the first and 2,0 for the second).

 The GT Folgore also gets a propriety sound score, a treat reminding us of what BMW established with movie score composer Hans Zimmer for its i Series. The roar can be heard in the background of the video.

100 km range in five seconds

Specific details about the battery size are not released, but Maserati states that the car can recharge 100 kilometers in five minutes using DC charging. Previously, the Italian car maker has hinted at lightning-fast (Folgore means lightning in Italian, e.n.) charging times, which are most likely attributed to an 800-Volts network.

This generation of the GranTurismo will still be offered with combustion engines, most likely Maserati’s in-house developed V6, the Nettuno, which debuted in the MC20.


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