Bank of America: GM and Ford will dominate Tesla in US by 2025

July 01, 2022

Tesla’s share of the EV market is projected to collapse from 70% today to 11% in 2025. Bank of America analyst John Murphy announced the number one EV maker’s shrinking market share in his annual Car Wars forecast. Does losing dominance in its home country mean Tesla is going to march backwards? According to Murphy, […]

Bankrupt SsangYong saved by Korean steel consortium

July 01, 2022

The tumultuous take-over saga at SsangYong has resulted in chemical-to-steel group KG becoming the new owner. The company outbid underclothing giant Ssangbangwool (SSB) and paid 950 billion won ($740 million) for the financially troubled Korean SUV specialist. The deal was conducted by biddings that needed the approval of the Seoul Bankruptcy court. Based on pricing, […]

Audi starts building new EV plant in China

June 30, 2022

Audi has started building its first plant dedicated to EVs in the Chinese metropolis Changchun, one of the largest automotive regions in the country. The site partners with state-owned carmaker FAW and will manufacture models based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) for the local market. The new factory is built on 150 hectares and […]

Freyr ups the scale of its first Gigafactory in Norway

June 30, 2022

Norwegian battery-maker Freyr has received approval from its board to expand its plans for a Gigafactory in the country’s north. Called Arctic Giga, the plant is projected to raise its annual capacity to 29 GWh. The clearance for the larger-than-planned scale was announced simultaneously with Norway’s first official battery strategy. Giga Arctic is Freyr’s – […]

Huawei, CATL, and Avatr to build four EVs together

June 28, 2022

Further details have emerged on the EV cars jointly developed by electronics giant Huawei, battery-maker CATL, and car manufacturer Avatr. Based on a new platform using cell-to-pack (CTP) batteries, four EV models are on the agenda by 2025. In addition, the architecture enables different body types and drivelines. The collaboration between these big Chinese industrial […]

Dark clouds form above 2035 EU ban on ICE cars

June 27, 2022

All eyes are set on the European council, where the member states search to agree on a joint position after the European Parliament has voted in favor of a ban on the sales of combustion-engined cars as of 2035. However, the deadline could still be jeopardized. Major countries like Italy, France, and Germany support more […]

CATL launches world’s most efficient battery pack

June 24, 2022

Following a sneak preview in March, CATL presented the production version of its third-generation cell-to-pack battery (CTP), now called Qilin instead of Kirin. The pack should be capable of delivering a mileage of more than 1 000 kilometers and features a “disruptive” cooling technique. No modules. No additional wiring. More battery for the same space. […]

Musk calls Gigafactories in Texas and Germany ‘money furnaces’

June 24, 2022

Tesla’s most recent Gigafactories in Austin and Berlin are heavy cash burners because they don’t manufacture enough models. CEO of the electric carmaker, Elon Musk, said that the losses piled up to billions in a video interview with the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley fan club. “Money furnaces”, was the exact phrasing from Musk. Cost […]

This is how Polestar 5 will outrun Porsche Taycan

June 23, 2022

The launch is still two years from now, but Polestar is gradually unveiling details of its top liner, the Polestar 5. As a manifesto car, it will introduce a new electric driveline for the brand. A considerable step up, because this combines very high power with a very high charging voltage of 800 V DC. […]

ACEA: Netherlands and Germany provide half of EU’s charging stations

June 22, 2022

Some 50% of all charging points in the European Union are concentrated in only two countries: The Netherlands and Germany. These findings were published in a study by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association ACEA, unveiling a substantial disparity among the member states. At the same time, signals are appearing that the further rollout of the […]

Netherlands raises incentives for EVs as Norway cuts them

June 21, 2022

Owners of zero-emission cars will likely pay lower parking fees in The Netherlands beginning next year. A legal framework has been created so that cities and towns can adjust their parking policies in favor of electric cars. But Norway, with the highest rate of EVs per capita in the whole world a leading exemplar, is […]

Tesla Berlin’s workers grumble at higher wages for hard-to-find newcomers

June 21, 2022

Germany’s biggest union in the automotive industry, IG Metall, warns of social tensions and disquiet at Tesla’s only European factory in Berlin. The American company tries to lure in new workers with higher paychecks than those of the 5 000 people already on the payroll and who earn not enough. According to the union, discontent […]

Eight out of ten Ferraris will be electrified by 2030

June 17, 2022

Last year, appointed CEO of Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna, unveiled his strategic plan for the world’s most profitable carmaker at a shareholders’ meeting yesterday. By 2026, the sportscar manufacturer wants to boost revenue to 6,7 billion euros, from the 4,8 billion expected this year, driven by the launch of 15 new products and electrification of 60%. […]

Hope in dire times: SsangYong Torres

June 15, 2022

Despite an ownership battle in the background, SsangYong doesn’t refrain from looking ahead. The South-Korean niche player presents the Torres, a rugged and bold-looking SUV slotting between the Korando and Rexton that will also feature a fully electric version. Technical details are sparse, but it is clear that struggling SsangYong isn’t throwing in the towel. […]

Electric cars lose government subsidies in the UK

June 15, 2022

The British Department of Transport (DfT) has put a lid on its plug-in car grant scheme, making buyers of electric cars no longer eligible for financial support. Scrapping the so-called Plug-In Grant evokes disappointment from carmakers. Still, according to the government, it needs to shift its investments to developing public charging infrastructure and greening other […]

BMW plans to export its Chinese Mini EVs to the US

June 14, 2022

According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, the board of directors of BMW is discussing whether it should export its Chinese-made Mini EVs to the United States. The strategic U-turn follows after a road show where BMW gave a sneak preview of the zero-emission Mini to American dealers. Officially, the Bavarian carmaker denies the plan, but […]

Audi’s pioneering charging lounge goes international

June 13, 2022

Following a pilot phase in Nuremberg and “overwhelmingly” positive feedback from customers, Audi has decided to expand its concept of charging hubs and take it beyond the German borders. Swiss Zurich is the next place where a mobile charging lounge of this type will be constructed, with Berlin and Salzburg shortly after. Remember Audi’s charging […]

Volkswagen debuts on TikTok with New Auto

June 13, 2022

Regarding itself as a car maker transforming into a tech company, the Volkswagen Group decided it couldn’t do without a TikTok account. Under the tag “newauto”, also the name of the Group’s future strategy, employer-made short films will be published to inform about electrification and digitalization. ‘You did not wait for us, but here we […]

‘Belgium is EU’s leader in corporate mobility’

June 10, 2022

According to a survey by the Smart Mobility Institute, partnered with consultancy giant Deloitte, Belgian companies have the highest maturity for mobility in Europe. This pole position is mainly attributed to the mobility budget put in place by the government for driving the switch from company cars to alternative mobility solutions. However, it doesn’t imply […]

Test drive Nissan Juke Hybrid: not original, still clever

June 09, 2022

Nissan decided to skip the plug-in phase for its electrified models. Hybrids, like this Juke, are poised to bridge the transition to full electric models for those customers who need more time to adjust. Thanks to the collaboration with alliance partner Renault, the hybrid system is a technological maverick. Now, originals aren’t always the easiest […]

Ford’s EVs to be sold directly from factory in North America

June 08, 2022

As for the North American market, Ford joins the growing list of car makers that sells electric models from the factory at fixed prices. Jim Farley announced at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference but didn’t specify when the Model e branch responsible for all zero-emission Fords would start with the new distribution model nor when […]

Mobilize drops 40 ride-hailing cars in the streets of Madrid

June 07, 2022

Renault’s mobility branch Mobilize has delivered 40 units of the Limo model to its first customer, the Spanish ride-hailing brand Cabify. The cars will be operated in Madrid by Vecttor, a subsidiary of Cabify. In autumn, Mobilize will expand its Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) model to Paris, with more European cities to follow in the coming months. […]

Geely launches nine satellites for autonomous driving

June 03, 2022

Chinese car group Geely has launched nine self-manufactured satellites into a low orbit around the earth to establish a network to support the autonomous driving functions of their cars. It’s the first car manufacturer in the world, following the pioneering trail of Tesla. Autonomous driving cars demand high-precision navigation. Ask Tesla, which relies on the […]

Mate Rimac raises fresh money, Porsche follows

June 02, 2022

EV start-up Rimac has raised 500 million euros in a funding round, attracting investment from new players from the financial sector. As not to dilute its share in the Croatian company Porsche stepped in as well, with an undiclosed but double-digit million cash injection. Everybody knows Rimac from its zero-emission supercars, flirting with 2.000 hp […]

Germany’s tax break causes Dutch fuel rush

June 02, 2022

German villages adjacent to the Dutch border are experiencing a flood of Dutch fuel tourists after the government having lowered the pump prices. With differences of some 25 euros per tank herds of drivers from the Netherlands are crossing the border for a cheaper fill. The German police is patrolling to keep the local traffic […]

All-new Lexus RX gets a plug, but don’t think BEV

June 01, 2022

Lexus took the wraps from its completely redesigned RX, the fifth generation successor of one of the very first SUVs in Europe. The car finally offers a plug-in hybrid version, puts dynamism at the forefront, and introduces a turbo version. Some sacred shrines are scattered to pieces by Lexus. While the Japanese, living in strongly […]

VIAS proves that bigger cars cause riskier accidents

June 01, 2022

Pedestrians and cyclists who encounter a heavy car in a traffic accident face double the chance of losing their lives compared to lighter vehicles. These are the findings from VIAS. The safety association performed a cross-study, linking the data from accident statistics to vehicle registrations. The survey also looked at the possible impact of age […]

New BMW iX1 replaces the infamous i3

June 01, 2022

BMW has unveiled the third generation of its most compact crossover, the X1. For the first time, the model will come in an all-electric variant, the iX1, which basically replaces the i3 as the entry-level BEV from Bavaria since production of the latter is ceasing this month. The new X1 sits on flexible underpinnings, accommodating […]

DATS24 opens second hydrogen fuel station in Wilrijk

May 31, 2022

As part of a complete network of five hydrogen filling stations, DATS24 opened a second unit in Wilrijk yesterday. The forecourt lies along the busy lanes of the A12 and not far from the city of Antwerp, where garbage trucks drive on the emission-free fuel carrier. The plan for DATS24 to roll out several hydrogen […]

Stellantis and Toyota team up for a bigger and electric van

May 31, 2022

Automotive group Stellantis is deepening its collaboration on LCVs with the world’s biggest car manufacturer, Toyota. The two companies are expanding their existing joint venture, including a larger van to complement the smaller and medium-sized versions of today. An electric version is part of the plans. A launch date hasn’t been unveiled yet. CEO of […]

Tesla wants to expand the Gigafactory in Berlin

May 30, 2022

Arne Christiani, mayor of Grünheide, has confirmed that Tesla has applied for an expansion of the Gigafactory. The newly developed area must provide the factory with logistics space, parking and a goods station. The expansion covers 100 hectares, but the mayor assumes that the permission will be granted. Tesla’s expansion plans are not new. In […]

G7 countries agree on decarbonizing electricity sectors by 2035

May 30, 2022

The G7, the international group of the seven largest advanced economies, have agreed on their energy meeting to “predominantly decarbonized electricity sectors by 2035”. The group concluded that “to this end, we will rapidly scale up the necessary technologies and policies for the clean energy transition.” The G7 consists of the United States, Canada, France, […]

Volkswagen has a worry of two human rights cases

May 30, 2022

For the first time, the German government has refused to back investment in China on the grounds of human rights, with Volkswagen as the applicant. And in Brazil, the car company is facing a trial for slavery during the dictatorship period. It seems like old ghosts are reappearing in Wolfsburg. “A company with activities in […]

Some German street lanterns can’t cope with dog pee

May 27, 2022

To secure road safety, the city of Viersen had to take drastic measures and was left with no other option than to cut down the street lanterns lighting a highly frequented promenade. The light poles had become unstable because of contamination by dog urine. Viersen is a small city near the border with The Netherlands. […]

Partena: sustainable powertrains in company cars rising, but slowly

May 27, 2022

Electrified cars are slowly gathering momentum among company cars. That’s the conclusion from a survey by employer’s organization Partena Professional that analyzed a fleet of more than 41.900 cars. The share of pure-electric vehicles has risen to 7,5%. Electrified powertrains, including plug-in hybrids running on petrol and diesel, account for a market share of 26.6%, […]

Hyundai to build an EV and battery manufacturing plant in Georgia (US)

May 24, 2022

Somewhere in the first half of 2025, Hyundai will start the production of electric models and batteries in a new factory in Georgia, US. The plant must reach an annual output of 300,000 cars. In addition, the South-Korean carmaker is joining forces with another yet unnamed partner for battery manufacturing. The budget of 5.5 billion […]

Brussels Airport wants to cut short-haul flights

May 24, 2022

In an objective to renew the airport of Zaventem into a multimodal hub based on a more environmental-friendly strategy, her CEO Arnaud Feist wants to exchange short-haul flights with high-speed train connections. While pointing at how Brussels Airport was one of the first in Europe with an integrated train station, he also puts the ball […]

Global sales of EVs have tripled

May 24, 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, three times more EVs were sold worldwide than last year. With two million battery-powered vehicles registered already this year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) sees a substantial increase in EV adoption, especially in China and the EU. Of all new car sales, EVs now represent 10%. According to the […]

Mercedes moves away from cheaper models and shows an all-electric AMG

May 23, 2022

Mercedes has unveiled a design study guiding the electrification strategy for its performance brand AMG. CEO of Mercedes-Benz Ola Källenius also announced that the brand would move away from lower-margin models and reap more profitability from luxury models. With sleek lines and a long profile, the Vision AMG takes several cues from the Mercedes EQXX, […]

German farmer brings Volkswagen to court over climate change

May 23, 2022

The district court of Detmold started a historic court trial against Volkswagen on Friday. The accusor is Ulf Allhoff-Cramer, a German organic farmer who claims that the German car giant is responsible for the demise of his farm, with his crops and animals suffering from global warming. Greenpeace supports the court case. Allhoff-Cramer is a […]

City of Wetteren put up a road sign warning for… wall lizards

May 20, 2022

Road signs warning for crossing toads, ducklings, or deer are a familiar sight on Belgian roads. But in Wetteren, commuters on the cycle highway alongside the railway are now warned of a new species: wall lizards. Their growing population led to a casualty rate demanding precautionary measures. The population of wall lizards living asides from […]

Musk angry over Tesla thrown out of sustainability index

May 20, 2022

“ESG is a fraud.” With these exact words, Elon Musk tweeted his disapproval over Tesla being removed from the S&P 500 ESG. The stock index for sustainable trading doesn’t regard Tesla as an exemplar anymore. Despite Tesla’s mission to accelerate the net-zero transition on a global scale, the index sees too many objections for the […]

Safety systems no longer mandatory in Russian cars

May 18, 2022

Russia has softened its required safety standards because of the supply shortage caused by the Western sanctions. It’s now legal for local carmakers to manufacture vehicles without ABS or airbags. Also, the emission standards have been lowered back to the level of the late eighties. The Ukrainian war is now also affecting road safety and […]

Volvo Trucks opens its first battery plant in Ghent

May 18, 2022

Volvo Trucks has inaugurated a factory for battery assembly in Ghent, aside from its plant for truck assembly to support its electrification program. The site will not complete cells but put together packs supplied by Samsung SDI. Volvo Trucks already has several all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in its portfolio with the FH, FM, FMX, FE, and […]

Expert report advises in favor of overhead Ventilus line

May 17, 2022

In his eagerly awaited report, the intendant appointed by the Belgian government, Guy Vloebergh, concludes that the Ventilus line is best placed above ground. The high voltage connection, which must bring wind electricity from the North Sea onshore, has been strongly debated. Action groups now threaten with legal procedures, which would stall the project resulting […]

French Minister of Transport joins hydrogen carmaker Hopium

May 17, 2022

French start-up of hydrogen cars Hopium wants to appoint Minister of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari to its board of directors. Djebbari is still serving at the Elysée but has announced that he intends to retire from political life with the formation of a new government at hand. The specific tasks for Djebbari have not been made […]

McLaren buys Mercedes team and enters Formula E

May 16, 2022

After Maserati, another new contender will appear on the grid of Formula E in 2023: McLaren will join the all-electric single-seater championship as of season nine. The British brands’ racing branch has acquired the team from Mercedes-EQ, which is retiring after this year. This means that Stoffel Vandoorne has a chance of returning to his […]

NMBS/SNCB wants 10% more trains and 30% more passengers by 2030

May 16, 2022

The board of directors has validated the ambitious draft business plan and investment plan up to 2032 for the NMBS/SNCB on Friday. They agreed on a 10% increase in train capacity, which must bring about a 30% growth in passenger numbers by 2032. Minister of Mobility Georges Gilkinet says that he will ensure that the […]

EU one step closer to deadline for phasing out ICE in 2035

May 13, 2022

The Environmental Committee of the European Parliament has voted in favor of a sales ban on internal combustion engines for cars and vans as of 2035. The Committee dismissed synthetic fuels as a solution and didn’t adopt new interim CO2 targets for the automotive industry. The European lawmakers stayed close to the original proposal by […]

Full VAT on Norwegian EVs? “Useless”

May 13, 2022

On Tuesday, the Norwegian government put forward a proposal to apply taxes to the sales of electric cars, putting an end to their world-renowned incentive scheme that electrified the national fleet over the past few years. The Norsk Elbilforening, or Electric Car Association, reacts with disapproval. Thanks to VAT exemption and a host of benefits […]

This is the world’s biggest hydrogen truck

May 09, 2022

Anglo-American Mining has put its first hydrogen-powered mining truck on duty. This zero-emission behemoth is poised to replace the mining giant’s diesel-powered fleet and kickstart an entire carbon-free ecosystem if the trial goes well. The gargantuan dump truck, running on six tires the size of a bungalow, can transport 290 tons of ore and has […]

Norway considers to end EV privileges

May 05, 2022

In a television interview, Norwegian Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård has unveiled that the government is reconsidering the EV incentives that helped push electric car sales to almost 90%. Scrapping the benefits must get more people out of their cars. Free municipal parking. No tolls on ferries. Access to bus lanes. No annual road tax. […]

Korean battery giant LG Chem to take over Belgian Umicore?

May 05, 2022

According to news agency Bloomberg, insiders report that LG Chem has set its eyes on Antwerp-based materials handler Umicore to quench its thirst for expansion abroad. Umicore is an appealing candidate for the South-Korean battery manufacturer because it needs to secure its materials supply line in the wake of the explosive global growth of EV […]

Tata Avinya concept believes future is screen-less

May 02, 2022

Indian car group Tata has unveiled the Avinya, a mold-breaking and fast-charging EV concept that preludes a production version scheduled for 2025. In contrast to the overwhelming majority of futuristic studies, the Avinya has a completely screen-less interior. According to the carmaker, less screen time is the way forward. While Tata’s reputation isn’t one of […]

Stellantis and Mercedes chose Umicore as battery material supplier

April 28, 2022

Belgian materials group Umicore has struck a deal with Automotive Cells Company (ACC), the battery joint venture between Mercedes, Stellantis, and TotalEnergies. Umicore will supply the battery factories from ACC with next-generation high-nickel cathode material through its Polish factory. The Belgian company now has three major auto groups in its portfolio since it has already […]

Renault to sell Russian activities for one symbolic rouble

April 28, 2022

According to Russian press agencies and Reuters, Renault will sell its stake in local partner AvtoVaz for one symbolic rouble, with the option of repurchasing it later. The deal includes the French carmaker’s factory in the outskirts of Moscow, where models from Renault and Dacia are built. The Russian minister for commerce and industry, Denis […]

GM says yes to an all-electric Corvette

April 26, 2022

Through its Twitter account, Chevrolet has officially confirmed that it will launch an all-electric Corvette shortly after the introduction of a hybrid version. An accompanying movie unveiled test and development work with a prototype of the latter. President of General Motors Mark Reuss acknowledged on the American news channel CNBC the arrival of a battery-powered […]

Musk invites his ‘worst critics’ to stay on Twitter after buying it

April 26, 2022

The board of directors at Twitter has accepted Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s buy-out deal of 44 billion dollars to obtain complete control of the company. As a result, Musk is now set to own his most cherished communication channel. “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter because that is what free speech […]

Microchip shortage hurts Renault harder than the Russian crisis

April 25, 2022

The shortage of semiconductors has pushed the revenue of the Renault Group back by 2,7% during the first quarter of this year. However, with a result of 9,7 billion euros, the French carmaker performed better than expected. Moreover, the impact of its stalled Russian operations remained manageable. Its CEO Luca de Meo is responding to […]

Green NCAP: diesel more sustainable than EVs?

April 22, 2022

In its first study on life cycle assessment, Green NCAP, the sustainability branch of safety organization Euro NCAP, has examined the environmental impact of 61 popular models on the European market. Though the electric Fiat 500 showed the smallest carbon footprint, the Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI made a case for the combustion engine. Life cycle […]