Foxconn takes wraps from its ID.3 rival Model B

The official launch is scheduled for the 18th of October, but ahead of the reveal, Foxconn has already disclosed the Model B in full. The car appeared on the YouTube channel of design house Pininfarina, which is responsible for the car’s styling.

Though still a concept, it is expected that the flagged-off version of the car won’t differ much when it arrives in 2024. The Foxtronn Model B is an all-electric hatchback with a compact footprint and a broad C-pillar reminiscent of the Volkswagen ID.3. Adding to the flavor is a more sturdy appearance thanks to more muscular sides, full-width LED headlights, a honeycomb grille in the bumper, and prominent wheel arches.

Open-source platform

Foxtronn doesn’t unveil any technical details yet, but the design of the wheels shows optimized aerodynamics for a more extended range. Other information in the video, like an arrow accompanied by a pedestrian lighting up underneath the taillights, hints at some clever ADA systems.

The Taiwanese car builder acknowledges that the Model B uses the open-source MiH-architecture that also underpins the previously unveiled Model E saloon and Model C SUV. Foxtronn is working on a broad product offensive, further including an electric bus called Model T and even a Model V pickup, which will be unveiled alongside the Model B at the Hon Hai Tech Day 2022 at the 18th of October.


One of the most exciting features of the Model B will be the price, which should land around 25 000 dollars. It could be the first affordable EV in the compact class, outpacing Tesla and Volkswagen at the game of launching the first electric car accessible to a broader audience.

Foxtronn is the car subsidiary of Apple iPhone and Xbox maker Foxconn. The brand is a joint venture with Taiwan’s most prominent car builder, Yulon. The developed architecture is also available for external brands. Fun fact: if Tesla is regarded as the ‘iPhone of EVs’, Foxtronn wants to position itself as the ‘Android of EVs,’ even though the mother company built its fortunes on Apple’s smartphone.

Production in Lordstown

Production of the cars is planned at Foxtronn’s only car factory in the American town of Lordstown, aiming at 500 000 units annually. This is a former GM plant. However, the models built there aren’t exclusively from the Taiwanese brand.

Earlier this week, the factory started production of the Endurance electric pickup branded Lordstown. If all goes well, the company will also manufacture the Fisker Pear on this site, comparable to the Model B in pursuing affordability as an all-electric SUV under 30 000 dollars and similarly hitting the market in 2024.

Foxconn has also announced that it will manufacture autonomous electric tractors at the plant beginning in 2023. These aren’t branded under the company’s name but will be built for California-based Monarch Tractor. The first car from the company is the Luxgen 7, available only in Asian markets.


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