EU again hands out 35.000 free round-trip train tickets to the young

For the second time this year, 35 000 young Europeans have a chance to win a free train ticket to travel around Europe. The so-called autumn call is open until 25 October at noon to applicants from Erasmus+ countries.

To win a ticket, young people are invited to apply on the European Youth website and answer five quiz questions about the EU and a shifting question.

European Year of Youth

Applicants born between 1 January and 31 December 2004, who successfully complete the selection quiz, will be able to travel in Europe for up to 30 days from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024. In addition, they will also enjoy discounts on many other activities, such as cultural visits, learning activities, sports, local transport, accommodation, food, etc.

As 2022 is this European Year of Youth, a total of 70 000 free train tickets will be made available this year via DiscoverEU. Nearly 1 000 of these are available to young Belgians.

More connected

“We need to focus our attention on the younger generations and allow them to broaden their horizons so that the world becomes more connected and tolerant,” said European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, responsible for Culture and Youth. “That is what DiscoverEU is all about. By traveling, young people can learn about our diversity and discover our many similarities.”

In addition to the ticket, DiscoverEU offers the chance to take part in a community via the European Facebook group, which has almost 80 000 members.

“This experience is not limited to journeys but encourages meetings between young people. For many, it’s the opportunity for a first big trip. There is something for everyone, whether it’s a week in a museum in Rome, a hike in the Pyrenees, or a boat trip to the Greek islands. There are as many possible trips as there are young people,” says the International Youth Bureau of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, organizing a community platform for the French-speaking winners.

New application round in 2023

The project, which aims to help young people discover Europe and make international contacts, was named DicoverEU and launched in 2018. Over the past four years, more than 754 000 applicants have already applied for one of the 165 000 travel passes made available.

A new round of applications is planned for March 2023. The competition on the European Youth website can be accessed at


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