E-moped maker Blitz with Belgian roots rides wave of expansion

From its European headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium, e-moped maker Blitz is pushing a successful international expansion. After Israël, Singapore, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, South Africa, and the States, the company opened a hub in the UK this month. Blitz aims mainly at B2B customers in the last-mile delivery sector, for which it has developed a zero-emission scooter with swappable batteries.

“In the UK, many of our clients are still using gasoline-powered mopeds for delivery so we can turn their fleets electric,” says Belgium-born founder of Blitz, Raphael Moszynski. Big names like Domino’s Pizza, MacDonald’s, and Pizza Hut are among the customer base. Worldwide, the company serves 130 000 moped riders, who have stacked up more than 120 million kilometers since the start-up began operations.

Two speeds

Moszynski founded Blitz in 2012 when he migrated to Israel and spotted the rapidly growing market for home delivery in cities. With scooters polluting the streets, he developed an environmental-friendly electric two-wheeler together with a team of engineers.

The 3000X scooter, built at its home base in Tel Aviv, comes in a low-speed (45 km/h) and a high-speed version (90 km/h). Three small battery packs together provide a range of roughly 100 kilometers.

The packs are swappable to keep downtime to a minimum and can be charged in circa two hours in a docking station, so the moped isn’t branched. This specific feature gives Blitz some edge over its main competitors.

Private customers

Blitz provides a full lease for its fleet of two-wheelers, providing the scooter, batteries, charger, tracking app, and even branding. In addition, a servicing and maintenance department is available 24/7. It’s a one-stop-shop solution. As for companies, reduced energy costs are one of the main benefits.

With the tight timing schedules of the fast food delivery sector in mind, Blitz runs a self-developed and intelligent speed regulator to govern the rides of its e-mopeds. According to customer data, the company said that the implementation has led to a decrease of 47% in accidents.

Blitz also aims at private customers through a network of dealers and a sharing formula.


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