New Porsche Macan EV to feature 612 hp and 800 volts

Set to debut in 2024, Porsche has unveiled more details on the new underpinnings of the upcoming all-electric Macan. Aiming for the crown of the most sporty compact SUV, the car will pack 612 hp, a performance rear-axle, and the fast-charging capability of the Taycan.

New details have arisen about the PPE platform or Premium Platform Electric. Developed under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group by Porsche and Audi, this architecture will debut in the delayed Macan EV in 2024, followed by the technically twinned Audi Q6 in the same year. Though flexible, it has been developed for luxury higher-end vehicles sitting above the MEB structure, so it’s not something you will encounter with brands like Seat or Skoda.

No two-speed

The sports carmaker aimed to tune this platform so that the zero-emission Macan could vow the same dynamism as the combustion-engined version. A battery pack in the floor pan of circa 100 kWh is mentioned, feeding two electric motors summing up to 612 hp in total. However, the two-speed transmission from the Taycan family, targeting short acceleration times in combination with a high top speed, won’t be transferred.

Porsche claims it will introduce new technologies to boost efficiency and weight distribution. Sitting just in front of the rear axle is a Power Box, which integrates the charger, the power converter, and the heating element for the battery pack. It makes one think of a transaxle configuration on conventional sports cars.

Enhancing agility

Porsche claims that the weight distribution will be 48/52 and that the back will feature rear-wheel steering with a multilink suspension to enhance agility. The front comes with double wishbones, and their system setup must neutralize the weight penalty from the battery pack, which must be considerable with a pack this size. The top versions will also feature torque vectoring and more aggressive steering.

The synchronous electric motors, carried over from the Taycan, are upgraded with a more effective cooling system and an upgraded arrangement of magnets. Borrowed from the Taycan – and its sibling Audi E-Tron GT – will be the 800-Volts network, which will make it possible to fast charge at a rate of 270 kW, for example, at the stations of Ionity.

A 5-80% charge should be possible in 25 minutes. Unfortunately, Porsche hasn’t unveiled any details about AC charging times or range. These will follow closer to series production.

All these technical solutions will most likely feature on the Audi Q6 as well, with a different tuning in mind. Both SUVs were planned for a market debut in 2023, but issues with the new software platform, developed by the Cariad branch from the Volkswagen Group, have postponed the launch by one year.


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