Shared e-scooters in Paris get number plates

Shared e-scooters in Paris will be equipped with number plates. The operators of the mobility services have announced this. The number plates should make it easier to report traffic offenses committed by users of the e-scooters, such as driving through the red light or riding two on the vehicle.

Things had not been going well for some time between Paris and the companies offering some 15 000 shared e-scooters. Local authorities, for example, are concerned about public safety on the city’s pavements and the nuisance caused by the vehicles.

In late September, the Mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo, also threatened not to renew the contracts of the companies Lime, Dott, and Tier in February 2023. Facing accidents and badly parked scooters, Paris openly questioned the cost-benefit ratio and environmental cost of the e-scooters.

List of measures

In that context, the three operators defended themselves at a press conference on Tuesday. For example, the operators pointed to the many improvements since the chaotic arrival of the e-scooters in Paris in 2019. The e-scooters must now be parked in specific places, and their speed is limited to 20 km/hour everywhere in the city.

Now they have put forward eleven proposals to increase the safety of their users, on the one hand, and pedestrians and other road users, on the other, and to better integrate e-scooters into public spaces.

Video verbalization

The 15 000 shared e-scooters in Paris will be equipped with a number plate on the rear mudguard, as is already the case in Grenoble or Germany. The operators also propose to fund a test of video verbalization. E-scooter users who are penalized will also be excluded from the app.

Dott, Lime, and Tier will also ask their users to scan their identity cards. The use of e-scooters is prohibited for minors, but so far, a one-voice declaration has sufficed. The number of patrols deployed to better park shared e-scooters lying around will also be increased by 20%.

‘Part of the solution’

Lime boss Wayne Ting called Paris “the most important city in the world for micro-mobility” and pleaded that the operators “are part of the solution” and “continue to improve every day”.

According to the operators’ figures, e-scooter users tend to be young (33 years old on average) and local (85% are residents of Greater Paris). Four hundred thousand0 people used an e-scooter in October, making 1,7 million trips.


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