MW Motors overhauls its Luka EV

In an update on its Luke EV project, Czech start-up MW Motors says it has extensively overhauled its Luka EV. New on the all-electric retro-styled car is a water-cooled motor, a bigger battery pack, better brakes, and a faster charger. And to provide more space and comfort, the interior has been redesigned completely.

Chances are you have never heard of MW Motors. It’s a new car company, rooted in Czechoslovakia, that stepped into the spotlights in 2018 with what looked like an oldtimer but underneath a modern electric driveline. So don’t call the Luka EV a restomod. Despite its design from the glorious past, it’s an entirely new model.”

Superb handling

Four years later, the Luka is nearing production. But in a profoundly reworked guise than previously announced. Apart from the upgrades mentioned above, also the chassis is modified with more tracks at the rear to fit bigger 17-inch wheels. In a press statement, MW Motors says these underpinnings strike a perfect 50/50 balance, which, together with a low center of gravity, evokes “superb handling”.

The now closed front grill must improve the aerodynamics and, as such, benefit range. Some cosmetic changes have been adopted, too, but nothing has changed to the overall classic looks, which remain a unique feat for the Luka.

Golden sample

The carmaker also mentions that it is a “high voltage car; you can expect fast charging”. Is MW Motors hinting at 800 volts on board network? We can only guess, just as for the reasons why the company has revamped the technology of the model so extensively. As for rationale, MW Motors doesn’t acknowledge anything more than “after some careful consideration”.

Pre-sales for the Luka EV are not open yet. The brand wants to complete a “golden sample” first that will be used to test assembly. Technical specifications have yet to be confirmed. The original concept stood out because it weighed only 815 kilos, enabling the small battery pack of 21,9 kWh to provide a range of 300 kilometers.


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