Brussels Rue de la Loi counted more than one million cyclists

More than one million cyclists passed the counting post in Brussels Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi, toward the city center, this year. It’s one of Brussels’ busiest approach roads, with the presence of several notable Belgian and EU governmental buildings.

If you also consider the second counting post, in the other direction, the number of cyclists in the Rue de la Loi stands at 1,83 million. So reports Brussels Mobility minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen).

“2022 is another record year for cycling in Brussels,” says Van den Brandt. “One more cyclist means one car less in traffic jams, one more seat on the bus during rush hours.” She assures that the Brussels government will continue to invest in safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure in 2023.

Definitive two-way bike lane

Earlier this year, back in August, the cape was rounded along the two-way cycle path on Koolmijnenkaai/Quai des Charbonnages in Molenbeek. The counter at Quai des Charbonnages in 2021 was still the only one, at the end of the year, to cross the 1 million mark. The counter was installed in 2018.

It is also one of the Brussels region’s most frequently used bicycle axes. It may get a two-way bike lane, separated from car traffic and pedestrians. This corresponds to the current test setup. Minister Van den Brandt hopes the works can start in 2024.


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