Brussels pays car owners €270.000 compensation for bad road surface

Brussels Mobility had to pay more than 270 000 euros in compensation to motorists in 2022 who considered that they had suffered vehicle damage due to poor road conditions. However, this is 50% less than in 2021, writes the newspaper La Capital.

All road users can claim compensation from either the municipality or the Brussels Regional Public Service in case of damage caused by a bad road surface. According to Camille Thiry, spokesperson for Brussels Mobility, they received 120 requests in 2022, including nine claims from cyclists. This is significantly less than the 256 requests of 2021 and even slightly less than the 148 of 2020, the year of the lockdown.

In total, 272 888 euros were paid, but as the procedures take time, it may be that a series of cases from the previous three or four years were paid out last year.


Conversely, the Region can also claim compensation for damages to the public domain caused by traffic accidents or vandalism. In 2022, there were 162 recoveries of damage to the public domain files, a decline compared with 2021 (211 files. This way, 106 944 euros were recovered in 2022, compared to 167 164 in 2021 and 363 988 in 2020.

Brussels Mobility’s FixMyStreet app allows Brussels residents to report road surface problems in their neighborhoods. Since the launch of the app in 2013, there have already been almost 180 000 notifications.


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