Delorean halves production slots for Alpha 5

In a mail to potential customers, Delorean Motor Company urges to secure reservations as its production slots have been slashed in half. Supply chain bottlenecks have affected the original output of 9 351 units, reducing them to no more than 4 000.

With much fewer building slots available, the resurgence of the sports car, made famous by the blockbuster ‘Back to the future’, seems to become more exclusive. Though, there’s another Delorean in the making, envisioned by the founder’s daughter, Kat Delorean.

DMC has an agreement for assembly of its Alpha 5 with the factory of Giugaro in Turin, which specializes in low-volume models. But the supply chain shortage has altered the plans. The adjustment carries symbolic value, as the original production referred to the alleged production run of the original Delorean in the 1980s. Giugaro’s Italdesign department is also responsible for the design, officially unveiled at Pebble Beach last year.

NFT-secured slots

Reserving a slot follows a somewhat unusual procedure. Potential customers must first join a lifetime membership with the Alphas Club ($88), after which they can file for a slot by making an advance payment of $2 500. This serves as an exchange platform. Members can sell these slots to other members. To avoid fraud, Delorean has set up an NFT (non-fungible token) code to secure the authenticity of these transactions.

At first, the company will build 88 track-only versions. This number is one more nod to its appearance in Hollywood blockbusters. The time machine car used by Marty McFly and Doc needed to reach 88 mph to enter a time warp.

More models to come

Of course, time-traveling from the eighties to 2023, the Alpha 5 is no longer about molecules coming from a V6 by Renault but all about electrons. It uses a 100 kWh battery, promises a range of 482 kilometers (300 miles), and can hit 0-60 mph in under three seconds (2,9 sec.).

The set-up is a dual motor in four-wheel drive, while gullwing doors provide entry into the vehicle. A wink to the original also. The newborn company also plans a sedan and an SUV on hydrogen. In his days, John Delorean, the founder of the brand, even planned a bus.

The production cut is one more bump on the road for Delorean 2.0. The company is getting sued by EV maker Karma, who was also in the running of building an electric version of the icon.

The project stalled, but a group of key managers from Karma consisting of Joost De Vries, Alan Yuan, Neilo Harris, and Troy Beetz made a deal with DMC to continue as Delorean Motors Reimagined. These people now hold crucial positions at Delorean, with De Vries as CEO. Karma took them to court for stealing intellectual property rights, claiming they breached their contract.

Daughter launches own version

Those who fail to reserve their slot can turn to the daughter of the founder Kat Delorean. She has criticized DMC for unrightfully using her father’s name and legacy and announced she would build her own version of the DMC under Delorean Next Generation Motors.

It will be called Model- JZD after the initials of John Zachary Delorean. The definitive model should be released by the end of the year, with a design from Angel Guerra, who served at Rimac.


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