Brussels Reyers Avenue can be reconstructed into a city boulevard has granted an urban development certificate to Brussels Mobility to create a city boulevard on Auguste Reyers Avenue, an arterial road in Schaerbeek where the public broadcasters VRT and RTBF are located. So reports Brussels State Secretary for Urban Planning Pascal Smet (

Reyers Avenue will be reconstructed from facade to facade between Meiser Square and Lambeau Avenue with wide sidewalks and separated two-way bicycle lanes or bike streets. Centrally, two lanes for cars will be provided in both directions. In addition, an insertion lane will be provided in a few places, such as tunnel entrances and exits.

Much resistance

“I am enormously pleased that in 2015, as Brussels Minister of Mobility, I pushed through to demolish the car viaduct and replace it with a beautiful boulevard with plenty of space for pedestrians, cyclists, public transportation, and new trees,” says Pascal Smet. “Nobody today can imagine that concrete colossus in that place. And ahead now to submit the detailed plans so the works can start,” Smet concludes.

After the viaduct was demolished, a plan initially met with much opposition, Smet had the tunnels of the nearby Reyers complex completely renovated, Reyers Avenue temporarily redesigned, and a study conducted on the avenue’s future.

Based on this, Brussels Mobility, in consultation with, formerly Brussels Town Planning and Heritage, set to work to shape the future city boulevard. The urban attestation lays down all the substantive principles of future redevelopment.

Intermodal city boulevards

According to current Minister of Mobility Elke Van den Brandt (Groen), Reyers Avenue is part of the plan to transform the busy approach roads into intermodal city boulevards: smooth and accessible for all modes, greener and more liveable for all residents.

The same exercise will be done for Van Praet Avenue and Fire Cross Avenue at the end of the A12: several lanes will be removed, creating a green, smooth, and lovable gateway for everyone.

Brussels Mobility must now finalize and submit the detailed plans to obtain a building permit, so the works can start quickly.


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