Sales of speed pedelecs in Belgium continue to rise

In January and February, 1 004 more new speed pedelecs have already been registered than in the same period of 2022. Sales are also on the rise in the second-hand market. So reports mobility federation TRAXIO.

According to TRAXIO, speed pedelecs are selling well thanks to companies and leasing companies. Private individuals are also expected to invest more in these types of e-bikes in the coming months.

Top figures

In February, speed pedelecs registrations were even +44,7% higher (1 240 units), bringing the total number for January and February to 2 581 units already. Sales in the second-hand market were even up almost 70% in February (507 units). The success of second-hand speed pedelecs can mainly be attributed to the increasing number of leased speed pedelecs that are being bought over or resold.

“These top figures for February show that the speed pedelec is still gaining popularity,” says Stefaan Lampaert, general secretary of TRAXIO. “Sales of speed pedelecs are mainly driven by fleet purchases. Only 30% of registrations are by individuals.”

For example, companies (+125,5%) and leasing companies (+122,1%) each registered more than double the number of speed pedelecs and saw their market share rise to 19,2% and 50,7%, respectively. The number of speed pedelecs registered by private individuals remained almost the same (+1,2%), but their share dropped dramatically to just 30,1%, compared to almost 50% before.

Additional boost on the way

According to Lampaert, the introduced cafeteria plans in both the private and public sector, a way to offer your employees a personalized pay package without increasing salary costs, and the kilometer allowance for employees are giving speed pedelec registrations an extra boost.

Moreover, from 1 May, all private sector employees will be entitled to a bicycle allowance, which could further boost bicycle sales and thus those of the speed pedelecs as well.

Geographical differences

However, speed pedelecs remain mainly a Flemish issue. If Antwerp led the way in terms of registered speed pedelecs for many years, we now see the provinces of East Flanders (710 ex., +74%), Flemish Brabant (679 ex., +99%) and Limburg (477 ex., +148%) catching up.

There are nice growth figures on the Walloon/Brussels side, with almost a doubling growth in Brussels (65 ex., +97%) and in Walloon Brabant (24 ex., +100%). The absolute figures remain low, on the contrary.

In 2022, 17 592 new speed pedelecs appeared on Belgian roads, 5 215 more (+42,1%) than the previous year. Since the first appearance of speed pedelecs in 2015, the total fleet in Belgium is estimated at more than 60 000 units.



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