Brussels to give Lambermont Avenue green makeover

Brussels Mobility plans to start the redevelopment of Avenue Lambermont and General Wahis in the second half of 2024. Together with Auguste Reyers Avenue, which is being redesigned as a city boulevard, the two avenues form the Schaerbeek section of the Brussels Central Ring (R21).

The public service has now applied for planning permission for the project, as well as for the reconstruction of Queen’s Square at the end of King’s Avenue in Schaerbeek.

The projects should improve road safety and make public spaces more pleasant. For instance, the cycle lanes that were constructed on Wahis and Lambermont Avenue during the pandemic – counts show the substantial increase in cyclists since – will become permanent.

In addition, the number of lanes between Leopold III Avenue and Max Roos Street will be reduced to two. On the side of the even-numbered buildings, this will free up space for a side lane with pavement, a separated two-way cycle path, parking spaces, and a green roadside. There will also be 118 bicycle parking spaces and 16 drop zones for shared vehicles, one every 200 meters.

The redesign should also improve road safety at the accident-prone intersections between Lambermont Avenue and Max Roos Street and between Demolder and Sleeckx Avenue. The work will also see the public lighting renewed to reduce energy consumption and light pollution.

Bringing Queen’s Square to life

The underused Queen’s Square in Schaerbeek will thus also be redeveloped. The forecourt of the protected Royal Sant-Maria Church will become a meeting area, a ‘City Salon’ with specific attention to women and children. There will also be space for a cycle path. On the square, which will be converted almost entirely into a residential area, the pavements will be widened and separated from the roadway with low plantings.

The refurbishment will be managed and financed by Beliris, the cooperation between the federal state and the Brussels Capital Region with the aim of improving the image of Brussels as the capital of Belgium and Europe.



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